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How to replace the bearing hub

How to replace the bearing hub

If during the operation of the car VAZ 2108 makes a clicking noise in the rear wheel area, then in all likelihood it is time to change the bearing hub.

Further use of the technical vehicle with such a malfunction, it is extremely dangerous.

You will need

  • Jack,
  • the substrate under the wheels,
  • key for wheel nuts,
  • Universal puller,
  • key for the hub nuts.



To rectify faults, proceed as follows:

- Set the vehicle on flat ground,

- Remove the protective cover mounting wheel nuts,

- Release the tightness of the four bolts securing the wheel,

- Release Tightening wheel nuts.

- By means of the jack on the back part of the car on a reliable support,

- To include a lower gear in CPR and to enclose the substrate under the front wheels.

How to replace the bearing hub


Then, the bolts can be turned out, and the wheel is removed from the hub. Next to dismantle the brake drum and brake pads.


Armed with a universal puller, remove the hub from a pin, and remove the inner bearing race, which usually remains on a pin.


At the very hub of the retaining ring is removed,after which a stripper bearing the specified node is removed. Next, all parts must be washed in kerosene or diesel fuel, and then pressed into the hub bearing new, and in reverse order are assembled all the details.

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