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How to replace the cable


Sometimes it happens that the computer for an unknown reason stops correctly detecting the hard drive</a>

Sometimes it happens that the computer for an unknown reason stops correctly detecting the hard drive, or if it successfully loads, it suddenly starts to hang ?, and then stops loading altogether.

Do not rush to carry it into the service or browse ads for the sale of hard drives and motherboards.

Quite possibly, you just need to replace the cable.



Turn off the power from the system unit and remove the side cover.


Carefully inspect the motherboard and allWires and loops that are connected to both the motherboard and all devices connected to it. Loops to the motherboard are most often connected:

? Floppy drives-

? Hard disks-

? Drives of CD, DVD and other formats.
In this case, a floppy disk drive is a separate cable. If you have a computer that was released more than 5 years ago, most likely, hard disks and disk drives are interconnected by an IDE cable. Outwardly it is a wide 40 or 80-wire cable with three connectors. The first connector is connected to the motherboard, the other two are connected to the information storage: hard drives or optical disc drives. Usually, the computer uses two IDE loops.


To replace the cable, carefully disconnect itConnectors from the corresponding slots of the drives and the hard drives to which it is connected. To facilitate access to them, it may be worthwhile to disconnect the wires that supply power to these devices. Then, holding the motherboard and not allowing it to bend, disconnect the cable from the IDE socket. If necessary, also disconnect the second IDE cable.


Install new loops in the reverse order: First gently, lightly pressing, fix them on the motherboard, then? Connect to the appropriate slots of hard drives and optical drives.

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