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How to replace the thermostat


How to replace the thermostat</a>

The faulty thermostat of the engine cooling system on the VAZ 2108 car causes a violation of the temperature regime during the operation.

This is expressed in a longer timeWarming up the machine after starting the engine, as well as overheating of the coolant while driving, especially when driving on roads in the city.

You will need

  • - screwdriver
  • - 12 mm wrench
  • - pliers
  • - antifreeze drain tank
  • - new thermostat



In those cases when the engine has appeared similar signs it is necessary to replace the thermostat located in the engine compartment, under the hood of the car.


If it is time to replace the thermostat of the cooling system, the primary task is to drain the coolant from the engine. Having unscrewed a stopper in the bottom part of a radiator? Merge it.
Further, on the engine, closer to the gearbox, slightly lowerBreaker-distributor of the ignition system, on the thermostat located in the indicated place, the tightening of the clamps on the four rubber nozzles by means of which the thermostat is included in the cooling system is loosened.


Then the three nozzles are disconnected from the thermostat, and the fourth branch pipe is disconnected from the engine and the thermostat is extracted with it.
All other actions related to the installation of a new thermostat in the engine cooling system are carried out in the reverse order of dismantling.

How to replace the thermostat

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