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How to replace the thermostat

How to replace the thermostat

Faulty thermostat engine cooling system on the car VAZ 2108 is a violation of temperature during operation.

This results in a longer timewarming up the machine after starting the engine, as well as overheating of the coolant while driving, especially when driving on the roads in the city.

You will need

  • - screwdriver
  • - Key 12 mm
  • - pliers
  • - The capacity to drain the antifreeze
  • - New thermostat



In those cases where the engine appeared similar symptoms must be replaced thermostat located in the engine compartment under the hood of a car.


If the time has come to carry out the replacement of the cooling system thermostat, the primary task of a cooling liquid from the engine becomes a drain. Unscrewing the plug at the bottom of the heatsink? merge it.
Further, the engine closest to the checkpoint, slightly lowerthe distributor ignition system, located at the specified location thermostat loosen clamps on four rubber nozzles, through which the thermostat is turned on the cooling system.


Then three nozzle detached from the thermostat, and the fourth branch pipe is disconnected from the engine and it is extracted with a thermostat.
All other activities associated with the installation of the new thermostat in the engine cooling system, are produced in the reverse order of dismantling.

How to replace the thermostat

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