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How to replace the slate Decking

How to replace the slate Decking

Not so long ago as a roofing materialwidely used slate, which was a blow not only simple, but also inexpensive. But this material has a drawback of its fragility, because of which the coating is often necessary to repair.

Thanks to modern technology, manufacturers have managed to create a more durable material, and which began to replace the slate.

They became the decking.

Today it can be seen in almost all country houses.

Initially, people are suspicious ofprofessional flooring, so they are hard to change old slate roof of an identical material. But over time the profiled sheet still managed to win the love of the owners of private houses. This is not surprising, since this material in addition to high strength and durability has an attractive appearance, which is not the slate. Besides its installation does not require large monetary investments.

The profiled better slate

Profiled sheet as compared with the slateIt has a low weight, which is very important for the roof. Even self-taught builder, it is known that the smaller the weight of the roof, the less pressure will be provided on the truss system and, consequently, on the walls to the foundation of the house.

Decking has double protection against negativeenvironmental influences and corrosion, and because the material is able to decorate the house for decades. In addition, the shaped sheet is very difficult to damage, so he is not afraid of falling tree branches, hail and snow loads. For comparison, slate from one awkward movement is able to crack.

Decking, unlike slate, does not burn onthe sun, allowing it to maintain its bright colors throughout its operation, and therefore it does not require frequent paint layers and other repair activities. As for stacking corrugated board, it does not require special skills and knowledge, so it can be done independently, without resorting to expensive specialist services.

replacement technology in the corrugated board slate

To begin, remove the slate and crate, to whichhe was attached. After that, the rafters tamp flooring of boards or pull it waterproof film. Strong tension of the film to achieve it is not necessary. Otherwise, it is winter, contracting, broken.

To avoid leakage of condensate or water, place, seal joints waterproofing material and adhesive film along the rafters tamp bars, thus securing it.

Then tamp perpendicular to the cratekontrobreshetku rafters. When choosing guided by a step angle of inclination of the roof. The smaller, the smaller should be the distance between the boards lathing. After completing this work, you should get a ventilation gap, avoiding the accumulation of condensate. Due to lack of profiled gap begins to rust, which means that very soon will have to make its replacement.

Once the crate is ready, you canstart laying the profiled sheet, using screws with rubber gaskets. That they did not stand out against the background, the color should match the color of corrugated board. Attach sheets should start from the ends, overlapping there may be one or two waves.

To not have to keep the roof open for a long time, you need to pre-calculate the amount of material to replace the roof covering.

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