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How to replace the rapids on a car

How to replace the rapids on a car

Replacing rapids on a car is a kind of body repair.

The need for this work occursafter the accident, when the threshold of the amplifier receives a serious deformation or corrosion due to exposure, the occurrence of which it is due to water ingress.

You will need

  • -; Bodybuilder zubilo-
  • -; Strubtsiny-
  • -;hole puncher-
  • -; Shlifmashinka-
  • -;electric drill-
  • -; Arc welder.



To begin, remove the car door, and then make room for repair, removing this aluminum nut and lifting partially mat.


The threshold should be removed parts. First, remove the part, which is located near the front door, and then near the back door, you can then dismantle the middle. For this we can use two different ways. In the first case, on the threshold of a marker mark the spot welding, and then drill them with a thin drill. If you decide to use the second method, instead of a drill you need a Bulgarian, with which you will be able to remove these points.


After removal of the threshold of the place where he waslocated, clean rust and dirt. cut out the rotten areas if necessary. This is done so that in the future on this site you can easily mount the new threshold.


Before you make a threshold installation, adjustits connector. From the front of the machine it has to connect with the old connector portion and the rear portion of the new threshold should lie on top of the old one. Only after joining the new threshold, you can weld it, then be sure to shorten the amplifier to the car and make a small notch at the location of the middle of the rack. Weld the connector to the amplifier will be possible only after alignment of these components.


Adjust the outer rocker panel, and thenattach it to the place of location of the future. Now you can weld threshold. To begin this procedure is necessary with the upper part in order to avoid large gaps.


Thoroughly clean the weld area and zashpaklyuyte them, then prime the paint and the threshold itself. The doors on the car can be put only after complete drying.

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