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How to replace the strut VAZ

How to replace the strut VAZ

In those cases where, for whatever reason set in the car racks ceased to satisfy the owner, is carried out to replace them.

Dissatisfaction racks may be due to: too soft, or vice versa - too hard to overcome the depreciation at the time of the vehicle of various obstacles.

You will need

  • - A set of plumbing tools,
  • - Puller for ball joints,
  • - Puller for steering rods.



The procedure for replacing the windscreen pillars begins with installing the front of the vehicle using a jack on a rigid support.


After the installation of the machine accordingly toShe unscrewed and removed the wheel nuts of the front hub bearings. Then dismantle the brakes, which are hung on the front of the beam.


Further exempt from the upper mounting rodsBoth dampers are disconnected stripper tie-rods on the fingers of which previously unscrewed nuts, ball joints are dismantled, and rack are derived from a joint drive shafts.


Then, in the engine compartment unscrewed nuts three upper mounting pillars, the right and left sides. Dismantled unfit for further use, rack change to new, and all further actions related to front suspension assembly are carried out in reverse order.

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