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How to replace VAZ racks


How to replace VAZ racks</a>

In those cases when, for any reason, the racks installed in the car have ceased to satisfy the owner, they are replaced.

Discontent with racks can arise due to: too soft, or vice versa - excessively rigid cushioning at the moment of overcoming by the car of various obstacles.

You will need

  • - a set of metalwork tools,
  • - puller for ball bearings,
  • - puller for steering rods.



The procedure for replacing the front pillars begins with the installation of the front of the car with a jack on a rigid support.


After installing the machine properly withIt removes the wheels and unscrews the nuts securing the bearings of the front hubs. Then the brake mechanisms that are suspended on the front beam are dismantled.


Further, the upper rod fastenersBoth shock absorbers, detach the tips of the steering rods, on the fingers of which the nuts are previously unscrewed, the ball bearings are dismantled, and Racks Are derived from the articulation with the drive shafts.


Then, in the engine compartment, unscrew three nuts of the upper mounting of the racks, from the right and left side. Having dismantled unfit for further operation, Racks Change to new, and all further actions associated with assembling the front suspension are carried out in the reverse order.

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