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How to replace the pump belt on the VAZ 21124

Replacing the belt on the VAZ 21124

Inspection and tightening the belt on the engine 21124 must be carried out every 15 000 thousand. Km.

The belt should be clean, free of dirt and oil residues, t. To. Dirt on the belt shortens its life.

The belt tension must also conform to the norm, excessive tension leads to rapid breakage of the belt.

The planned replacement of the belt is made after 45 000 km.

Toothed timing belt, used carVAZ 21124, rotate the pump and two camshafts. The belt must be tightened every 15 000 km, the replacement is carried out in the development of the resource or the broken belt.
Replacing the belt only in the coldengine, otherwise there is a risk of burns. T. k. In the works car will rise jack, you need to prepare the car under stress and enclose the bars under the rear wheels. Next, disconnect the terminals and remove the battery from the vehicle and remove the decorative motor cover.

Tools and Equipment

To replace the timing belt on the car VAZ 21124 need the following tools and accessories:
- Allen key 5 mm-sized
- Spanners 17 and 19
- Special key for remnya- tension
- A device for fixing raspredvalov- pulleys
- domkrat-
- Brace.

Sequence of operation

For convenience, you need to remove the absorber andlay to one side, for it without removing the hoses, remove the mounting bracket absorber. Next hex wrench, unscrew the bolts and remove the top of the belt protective cover. Then unscrew a further 2 bolts and remove the bottom of the cover.
Wheel wrench to loosen the boltsthe right front wheel. Jack up the car, set it under the fence and remove the wheel. Then remove the right side of the engine, dirt-protecting shield.
Partially loosen the alternator upper nut and slide it to the side of the engine. Remove the alternator belt from pulleys.
Rotate the crankshaft key at 19 for a boltfixing the crankshaft pulley and install the piston cylinder 1 at TDC. Warning - never turn the crankshaft pulleys of camshafts. Rotate the crankshaft to match the marks on the crankshaft pulley with the mark on the cover of the oil pump and the marks on the camshaft sprocket with the marks on the rear cover of the timing belt.
Secure by turning the crankshaft pulleyremove the key 19 bolt securing the pulley on the crankshaft and remove the alternator belt pulley. Fit and lock the camshafts. Then release the nuts a few turns on the tension and guide rollers and loosen the tension of the toothed belt. Now the timing belt can be removed.
After removing the belt rollers, check the condition and if there is looseness or noise during rotation - replace rollers.

Installing the belt

Make sure that the mark on the crankshaft pulley and the labelon the oil pump body are the same, and put the new belt on the crankshaft pulley. Then slide the left side of the belt pulley on the outside of the pump, and the inside of the tension roller.
The right half of the belt slide on the insideside guide roller and preventing sagging, wear on pulleys of camshafts. Equip the right side of the belt must always be tightened in the areas between the three pulleys.
After setting tightens the belt tensionerroller and check the installation on labels. If the labels match, put in place the generator belt pulley and turn the crankshaft 2 turns and once again check the coincidence of labels. If the labels do not match, reinstall belt.
After the final installation Label belt set the remaining parts in reverse order of removal.

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