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How to replace the pump

How to replace the pump

The main reason due to which the car ownerforced to turn its attention to the serviceability of the pump, it is to reduce the level of coolant in the engine cooling system, sometimes accompanied by the emergence of extraneous noise in the vicinity of the location of the water pump when the engine is running.

You will need

  • Screwdriver,
  • Wrench 10 mm
  • Wrench 13 mm
  • water pump.



Engine Crankshaft mounted on labels,located at the crankshaft pulley and the front cover, the top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke of the first cylinder. Dismantle the protective plastic timing belt cover, removed the belt drive of a camshaft, camshaft drive gear is removed, mount the back cover is released, which also dismantled.


After the above actions, the motor deviates to one side, and the pump is removed from the engine.


Installation of a new water pump in reverse order.

How to replace the pump

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