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How to replace the filter in the passenger compartment Skoda Octavia

How to replace the filter in the passenger compartment Skoda Octavia

cabin filter is designed to clean the air of harmful substances from entering the environment in a car interior.

To the air has always been clean, filter should be changed regularly.



To start buy the filter itself. By VIN code of the car at any auto parts store that specializes in selling auto parts for foreign cars, pick the appropriate filter compartment. Also, the cabin filter can be purchased from an authorized dealer, who specializes in the sale of "Skoda Octavia".


Once the filter is purchased, startreplacement. Filter "Skoda Octavia" is located on the right side of the front panel, behind the glove compartment. The disadvantage is that to crawl under the glove box, it is desirable to move the seat all the way back. Locate and remove the two screws fixing the plastic protective cover.


Insert your fingers between the protective cover and floor covering, then gently pull the distal portion of the housing down and over, while avoiding severe bending.


cabin filter housing will be in front of you, the lowerpart of the body closes the lid, which contains the OPEN arrow and the words, in the direction of the arrows to the right and slide the cover to remove it, but do it carefully, because the plastic is fragile, and if you make an effort, it is possible to break the locks.


So you released access to the filterinterior, carefully remove it for that simply pull down, but be prepared for the fact that sleep is dirt and it would be good to have on hand vacuum cleaner.


Take the new filter compartment and makeinstallation and assembly in the reverse order. If you forget, the filter has been installed, you should pay attention to the arrow that indicates the direction of air flow, sloping side should the right. Before you tighten the plastic screws, make sure that the protective cover into place, and closes airway tube.

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