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How to replace the filter in the Salon Škoda Octavia


How to replace the filter in the Salon Škoda Octavia</a>

The cabin filter is designed for cleaning from harmful substances of air coming from the environment into the interior of the car.

To keep the air clean, the filter needs to be changed regularly.



First, buy the filter itself. According to the VIN code of the car in any auto parts store, which specializes in selling spare parts for foreign cars, will pick up a suitable cabin filter. Also, the interior filter can be purchased from an authorized dealer who specializes in the sale of the "Octavia Skoda".


Once the filter is purchased, proceed to theReplacement. The "Octavia Skoda" filter is located on the right side of the front panel behind the glove box. The disadvantage is that to get under the glovebox, for this it is desirable to push the seat up to the stop back. Locate and unscrew the two plastic screws securing the protective cover.


Push your fingers between the protective casing and the floor covering, then gently pull the back of the casing down and onto yourself, without allowing a strong bend.


Before you will be the interior filter housing, the bottomPart of the body closes the lid, which indicates the arrow and the inscription OPEN, in the direction of the arrow, slide the lid to the right and take it out, but do it neatly, since the plastic is brittle, and if you apply force, you can break the clamps.


Thus, you have released access to the filterSalon, gently pull it out, for this, just pull it down, but be prepared for the fact that the dirt will be spilled out and it is good to have a vacuum cleaner handy.


Take the new interior filter and makeInstallation and assembly in reverse order. If you forgot how the filter was installed, you should pay attention to the arrow that shows the direction of the air flow, the sloping side should be on the right. Before screwing plastic screws, make sure that the protective cover is in its place and does not close the ducts.

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