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How to replace the concrete mixture under the foundation

Reinforced concrete foundation

Preparation of concrete for the foundation is carried out by mixing cement, crushed stone, gravel and sand, then all this is filled with water.

Ready-mix very quickly grasped, so it is important to use it within the first two hours.

In the individual building to fillcement foundation most frequently used M 300 and M 400. Particular attention is paid to water indicators used to cement the gate, and grain size of aggregates, sand and gravel.

Nuances preparation of concrete mix

Cement is a hygroscopic material,so it must be stored in dry rooms. For the construction of the foundation under the house is best to use fresh cement since during long storage it is able to lose its brand, which has a negative impact on the quality of the foundation, to which the strength of the high demands.

All components of the future must be a concrete mixmix with the strict observance of certain proportions. In this case the dry ingredients are first mixed and then water is added. Its volume depends on the water-cement ratio, which is different in each project of cement.

The water should be clean and in the hot season and still cool, to prevent too quick setting concrete.

concrete manufacturing steps for the foundation

Preparation of concrete mix to fill the foundation is carried out in several stages:
· First determined amount of concrete, which depends on the type of fundamentalist
· On the basis of the selected brands of cement calculated the total number of mixing components
· Now you need to determine the volume of the concrete mix, which is planned to be used at a time. In this case, you need to consider the available tools and capacity for zameshivaniya-

Volume of concrete batch mixers for the building differs from the amount to nothing.

· The next stage components are mixed dry concrete mixture to obtain a homogeneous mixing
· In the final stage of the dry mixture is added to water.

Concrete for the foundation is best to mix inconcrete mixer. This will significantly reduce the complexity of the work, as well as increase the speed of its implementation. Moreover, concrete mortar is obtained in this case, higher quality. Prepare a concrete mix in the trough is best for small work, for example, for the manufacture of the foundation under the fence.

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