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How to replace the circuit breaker

How to replace the circuit breaker

Replace wiring apartment not everyone can.

It requires special skills and knowledge.

However, part of the electrical installation works can be performed independently, for example, to replace a conventional switch.

You will need

  • - Regular otvёrtka-
  • - Indicator otvёrtka-
  • - knife-
  • - passatizhi-
  • - Clips wago-
  • - Three copper wires 1.5 mm2.



Before carrying out electrical worksyou must turn off the power. To do this in the control cabinet must be switched off supply machines to the apartment. Pre-turn on the light in the room. After a power failure light should go out.


To completely make sure that the electricity is turned off, you need a screwdriver indicator. Check outlet in the absence of phase one by one by inserting a screwdriver into the outlet openings.


Electricity is turned off, you can startdismantling the old switch. Remove the cover, loosen the screws, remove the circuit breaker and disconnect the wires. For one-button switches should be two wires for dvuhklavishnyh - three. The old fund apartments wiring is aluminum wires, the wires bend so carefully so as not to break.


Old metal mounting box betterdismantle and install the new plastic, because mount switch in a metal box on the expander will antennae that are not very reliable. Installation is carried out in a plastic box with screws at the edges of the circuit breaker. Such attachment is more reliable.

Mounting box


Installing a new box made on gypsum. Moisten the hole with water, apply a plaster trowel and set the box. Remove any excess plaster and zashpaklyuyte surface around the box. Do not forget to gently lay and output wires.


To avoid breaking the aluminum wire, andalso for qualitative mounting old wires to extend with new copper. For aluminum, copper compounds used wago clips. Carefully biting forceps or pliers extra aluminum wire and strip the insulation with a knife. Prepare three copper wires at both ends, remove the insulation. Follow the wiring terminals wago.

clips wago


Now you are ready to install the new switch. Connection is made under this scheme. For proper installation you need to determine the phase of one of the three wires. Bend the wires from each other, so they do not become isolated. Turn on the electricity in the closet with the meter and machine guns. Indicator screwdriver locate phase, remember this wire. Turn off the electricity.



On the switch has one input and two outputs. Wire to connect the input of the phase, and the other two wires to the output. To define the input and output, look carefully at the switch. usually one input terminal and at the top, output terminals at the bottom. Connect the wires. Carefully laying the wires, set the switch to the mounting box into two self-tapping screws.


Turn on the power and check the operation of the circuit breaker. The light should turn on when pressing the top of the key and off by pressing the lower part of the key. If the light is switched on the contrary, you need to flip the switch.

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