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How to replace the capacitors on the motherboard


How to replace the capacitors on the motherboard</a>

If your computer is connected to an electrical outletDirectly, without the use of an uninterruptible power supply unit, it is not uncommon for situations in which the electrolytic capacitors of power circuits fail on the motherboard. Diagnose the malfunction can be on the swollen upper ends.

To replace capacitors in the absence of a soldering station is very difficult, since a multilayer board and overheating are fraught with loss of the entire motherboard.

How to be in this case?

You will need

  • Soldering iron with a thin sting
  • Cutting pliers
  • Sewing Needle



Remove the swelled condensers from the motherboard, previously cutting them with side cutters.


Carefully we evaporate and remove each leg of the damaged part separately.


Take the sewing needle and gently pickFrozen solder in the metallized holes to free the holes for installing a new condenser. Due to its softness, the solder easily yields to the iron needles.


Pass the leg or not into the released hole, you can measure the soldered leg from the old capacitor, removing it from the remnants of solder.


Having thus released all holes from the solder, insert new capacitors and solder them in place. The motherboard is repaired.

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