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How to replace the burners

How to replace the burners

If it is determined that the cause of the fault electric stove burner is idle, you can just replace it with a new one, which coincides with it in diameter.

It is easy to do on your own, following some of the recommendations.

You will need

  • Screwdrivers flat and Phillips, two wrenches 10 mm, pliers, a new burner.



Measures the diameter of the broken burners. In addition, inspect the condition of the outermetal ring, which is located between the cover plates and a hob. If it is damaged, it must be purchased together with a new burner to be installed to replace faulty.


Disconnect the power supply plate. Open the top cover plate, pre untwisted screws, stick it on the body.


Unscrew the nut with a metal rod, which is screwed into the body malfunction burners. Disconnect the ground wire. Pin must be completely free from the fixture in order to be able to easily remove the bracket or housing. Staples or remove the cover from the pin holding the burner hand with the other hand.


Squeeze out the burner from the inside out, holding ithand, close the lid. Put the lid on the hotplate. If the ring is damaged - remove it. If the ring is able to go forth, let it remain on the lid of the cooker body. If the old ring is removed and a new ring put on the new burner and place it next to the old so that the contacts on both burners were on top.


Disconnect the wires one by one with the contacts from the old burnersIn the same manner by attaching the new one at the burner. In this case, you do not get stuck in the contact sequence, and a new burner will be connected in the same way as the old one.


Install the burner in place and open the cover plate body, holding the burner to the lid by hand. Without releasing the burner, put on the pin mounting housing or bracket, focusing on the neighboring burners. Screw them. Attach the ground wire.


Close the lid. Check the leveling of the installed burner. correct if necessary. Bolts holding the cover, reinstall it. Then connect the electric stove and check if the newly installed burner.

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