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How to replace the burners


How to replace the burners</a>

If it is determined that the cause of the failure of the electric stove is a non-working burner, you can simply replace it with a new one that coincides with it in diameter.

It's easy to do it yourself, following some recommendations.

You will need

  • Screwdrivers flat and cross, two spanners for 10 mm, pliers, a new ring.



Measure the diameter of the non-working Burners. In addition, inspect the condition of the outdoorMetal ring located between the cover of the electric stove and the hob. If it is damaged, it must be purchased with a new burner, which should be installed in place of the faulty one.


Disconnect the power supply of the plate. Open the top cover in the plate, previously unscrewing the screws that hold it on the body.


Unscrew the nut from the metal rod that is screwed into the body of the defective Burners. Disconnect the earth wire. The pin must be completely released from the fasteners in order to easily remove the bracket or casing. Remove the bracket or the casing from the pin, holding the burner with the palm of the other side.


Pull the hotplate out from the inside out, holding itHand, close the lid. Place the cooking zone on the lid. If the ring is damaged, remove it. If the ring is fit, let it remain on the cover of the hull. If the old ring is removed, put a new ring on a new ring and place it next to the old one so that the contacts on both burners are on top.


Disconnect the wires one by one from the old Burners, In the same order attaching one to the new burner. In this case, you will not get confused in the order of contacts, and the new hotplate will be connected in the same way as the old one.


Place the cooking zone in place and open the cover of the hob body, pressing the hob to the lid by hand. Without releasing the burner, put a fixing casing or bracket on the pin, focusing on the neighboring Burners. Tighten them. Connect the ground wire.


Close the cover. Check whether the burner is installed correctly. If necessary, correct. The bolts holding the cover must be replaced. Then connect the electric stove and check if the newly installed burner is working.

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