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How to replace the batteries in the winter

Mounted radiator

Replacing the batteries in the winter is carried out in case of emergency, when they do not warm up the room. This issue is coordinated with the organization, serving the house.

The work done by specialized organizations.

The reasons for the need to replace batterieswinter may be different. It is possible that there was an accident, replace the term can not be transferred before the end of the heating season, then you must do this work immediately. Replacing heater, it sets the screen or other dismantling and installation work can be carried out in these cases without hindrance.

For example, heating devices, have worked for more than twenty years, can not fully carry out their functions to heat the premises, so be replaced.

To disable heating to replace the battery

Installation of a new heat sink is performed only whendisabled risers heating networks. It is necessary to put notify the organization, serving the house, and invite its representative to override water standpipes. Short-term, not exceeding three hours, risers heating off in the winter is a paid service management companies.
In accordance with applicable regulations, themoff can not be done during the execution of maintenance work in the heating system during test runs and at low outdoor temperatures. The last requirement is particularly important during the cold season, when the outside temperature is set below -10 degrees C. The warmest day is selected so as not to cool the entire house to disconnect the riser. All work must be carried out (only specialized organization employees) very quickly, subject to a number of operational and technical requirements.

Some of the requirements at the time of execution of works

The fact that the heating system in winterIt is in operation, will allow to immediately assess the quality and effectiveness of the work done. The replacement must be carried out one by one, when the apartment is not turned all the radiators, but only one of them. Once it started to work, it is the turn of the next. Install one battery can be performed for one hour, but for this (preliminary) should be performed measurements, prepared all the tools and components.

In order to avoid heat loss and your own health, do not pay extra money for housing heating, the batteries should be properly set.

In addition, we must remember that the radiatormounted with respect horizontality, thus it should be parallel to the wall. It is mounted on three brackets, one of which is at the bottom, and two - top, they will form the main load. In the case of a large number of battery sections (greater than 12), the top of the wall (further) fixed one bracket. It is necessary to keep the distance between the battery top and bottom sill, it must be at least 10 cm, otherwise the air curtain in front of the window will be weak.
The representative of the service organization (aftercompletion of all works) shall include the risers of the heating system. You should check the tightness of the joints to avoid leakage at the joints of pipelines, valves and control valves.

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