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How to replace antifreeze

How to replace antifreeze

During operation of the vehicle there is a decrease in the density of filled engine coolant.

Which leads to the loss of its frost-resistant properties, and, therefore, necessarily comes a time when it must be replaced.

You will need

  • Antifreeze,
  • pelvis,
  • rubber or silicone tube,
  • flat-blade screwdriver,
  • wrench on 12 mm.



To change antifreeze engine cooling system, the carmust be installed on a flat surface. Then the engine shuts down, and when the coolant temperature in the engine - high, it is necessary to wait until the engine cools to prevent body burns.


Next, the sequence of actions is as follows:
- Opens the hood,
- Expansion tank plug is removed,
- In the lower left side of the radiator, the drain hole, worn elastic tube
- A screwdriver to unscrew the radiator drain plug,
- waste antifreeze - Merges into the pelvis.


Then the basin is moved by the motor, a port for discharging coolant from the cylinder block.


From the bottom of the cylinder key 12 mm brass tube and gets out through the open hole in the blend remains of the pelvis antifreezea.


Drain all the engine coolant, tightening in place plugs in the engine cooling system via the expansion tank is filled with new antifreeze.

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