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How to replace the wheel on the car


Quite often in the practice of driving a car with all this happens such a trouble - on the way got into the hole and broke the wheel.

But, armed with the necessary tools and some knowledge from the field of vehicle maintenance, you can easily cope with this problem.

It is enough to apply some of the wheel replacement tips listed below:

1. If the need to replace the wheel caught you on the road, then, slowly, slow down and stop on a safe stretch of road.
2. It is desirable to choose an even place with a solid surface.
3. Stop the engine and turn on the emergency. An emergency stop sign should be placed in front and behind the car.
4. Place the vehicle on the parking brake (handbrake) and set the gear lever to the rear speed (manual gearbox) or the automatic gearbox selector to the "P" position.

Note: It is desirable to lock the wheel diagonally relative to the one that is to be replaced.

At this stage, you need to remove the spare tire, which must always be available and in good condition.

Let's go directly to changing the wheel:

- Remove the hood, if fitted on your vehicle. Usually it is attached to special fasteners.
- As long as the machine is on all four wheels, tear off the nuts of the replaced wheel by one turn.
- Install the jack available in the spare parts of your car.

ATTENTION! Raise the car should only be done with the correct location of the jack. The jack must be replaced only under the specially designed for this place car body. Ignoring this remark can lead to dents on the car body or the jack may fall and cause injuries! Do not lift the car at a time when someone is inside.

- Raise the car by turning the jack handle clockwise until the wheel detaches from the surface. Unscrew the nuts and remove the wheel.
- Before installing the spare wheel onPlace, it is necessary to clean the seat of dirt and rust, as with poor contact of the mounting surface of the wheel disc with the hub can lead to loosening of the fastening and complete unscrewing of the wheel while driving.
- Install the spare tire and tightenFastening nuts by hand. Strongly tighten them yet. If the wheel is equipped with cast wheels, special attention should be paid to the position of the nuts, which are set by the cone inwards.
- Lower the car by turning the handleJack in a counter-clockwise direction, and tighten the nuts. Tightening of the wheel nuts is done in a diagonal sequence and with the use of a key extension. Clamping the nuts by pressing the key with the foot is not recommended.

When the installation is complete, pay attention to theDegree of pump inflation. Checking the air pressure in the tire should be carried out with the working manometer in the tool set. The norms of the device can be found in the instruction manual of your car.

Before continuing, make sure thatAll tools, a jack and a spare wheel are installed and fixed in their regular places. It is advisable after the first thousand kilometers to check the tightening of the nuts of the changed wheel.

As you can see, replacing the wheel on the road is not so muchA difficult matter, if at hand there are always good tools and knowledge how to replace the wheel with your own hands. A happy journey and fewer punctures on the roads!

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