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Repairs of buildings and structures

Repair of buildings

What type of building or repair neededconstruction, depending on the duration and conditions of operation, capital building, on the state of individual elements: foundations, load-bearing structures, roof, communications and so on.

In total assessment survey determined type of repair.

Reconstruction, capital or current. Also repair can be carried out.

A separate category of repairs - the elite and renovation.


Any type of repair is carried out to extend thethe life of a building or structure. If the building inspection revealed the need to overhaul the estimates drawn up for all kinds of work. It should be noted that clear boundaries between the categories of repair is difficult to determine. Overhaul involves partial or total reconstruction of the building (construction), the reconstruction of the individual parts of the building, replacement of communications and finishing work.

In a survey prior to the overhaul it can be given to the conclusion that the building or structure can not be recovered and subject to demolition.

What can be included in the major overhaul? It begins with the examination and preparation of estimates. Work on the fence areas and hazardous areas around the building. Equipment outbuildings. Then proceed to the replacement of water supply and sewerage, heating systems. Replacing the wiring and ventilation systems. It can be carried out improving utilities and equipment in accordance with modern trends.
Carry out repairs of the foundation, walls, roof orarrangement of a new roof. Repair flights of stairs. If necessary, run redevelopment. Can be built superstructure, extension, or perform a partial disassembly of previously constructed outbuildings. Then proceed to the repair of facades and its architectural improvements. Replacement of window and door openings. And last of all internal finishing works are carried out: floor leveling, ceilings, walls. Often in the course of repair and reconstruction is carried out landscaping of the adjacent territory.

Current repair and its components. Planned repairs

Such repairs are carried out in order to restoreperformance of buildings to extend the possibility of their operation after the reconstruction. Maintenance work is carried out, if the building is worn out, but it is possible to maintain its performance data.
for this reason will repairexamination or the timing of scheduled maintenance. At the same structural elements are evaluated and state utilities. Planned repairs for buildings and structures is carried out in the design, pre-planned, certain regulations, terms for the extension of the normative life. It is linked to the capital or maintenance.

Planned repairs can be capital, and current. It depends on the age of the building and the frequency of repairs.

According to advance estimates compiled in the course of maintenance, the following works:
- Sealing of joints of walls, repairing facades and balconies.
- Repair of the roof and drainage elements.
- Repair of foundations, partial restoration of the plaster, the blind area.
- Repair or replacement of parts of pipelines and engineering systems, including the heating system, water supply and sewerage, electricity and ventilation.
- Partial replacement or repair of windows and doors.
- Repair of floors, replacement of coatings.
- In the interior decoration is done plastering walls and ceilings, putty, tiling or other materials, wallpapering. Carry out the necessary painting.


If a building or structure needsminor improvements related to the appearance or interior spaces can be made cosmetic repairs. This kind of repair involves a slight amount of work on painting the walls or floors, window frames and doors, pasting wallpaper. The essence of the decoration - to improve the appearance of the building, to refresh the exterior trim or interior decoration.

Elite and renovation

In recent years, a sharp increase in new proposalsbuilding materials, new technologies in construction has led to the emergence of a new type of repair, the so-called European style. The main difference from the current and capital repairs - is the use of modern building materials and technologies in its conduct, unlike other European-quality repair is to switch to European standards.
Renovation includes mandatory developmentdesign project, preparation of the project in the case of alterations and obtaining permits. Purchase high-quality materials and modern equipment. After this renovation carried out in the agreed volumes and strict sequence.
Elite requires in addition to usingadvanced materials and equipment of high qualification of specialists, from the designer to the finisher, and considerable experience in the organization of such works from the contractor.

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