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Repairs in the apartment: do it yourself or hire workers?

Repairs in the apartment: do it yourself or hire workers?

Choice of repairs in the apartment - on their own forces or invited experts - to a large extent depends on the financial capacity of the family, as well as the perception of the event.

Repair their own hands or hire workers? determinants

Decide in solving the serious issueit is very difficult. Repair of an apartment or house is classified as difficult and responsible work, so naturally the dilemma of do it yourself or turn to professionals with experience occurs in almost all families. There are several important points that have an impact on the adoption of this decision.

Thinking about the repair of the house or apartment, first determine objectively those premises in which it is planned to produce as well as to objectively assess the volume of work required.

Cosmetic repair involves one ormore of the following changes: plywood wallpaper, ceiling painting, replacement of flooring, etc. Overhaul - a set of actions to restore, replace and remove the worn out items of property. Typically, it includes a complete reconstruction of communications systems and components, doors and windows, aligned walls, ceilings, floors. Accordingly, in the first case it is possible to cope on their own, while the latter will have to use, at least partly, services specialists, otherwise the result may require modifications, which will result in the family a large sum.
Of great importance to the selection hasfinancial position. This is evidenced by the data of sociological surveys, according to which the majority of Russians carried out repairs on their own just because of lack of funds. After all, depending on the region of residence, the cost of cosmetic repairs, made by the company, starting at 2000 r / m, and the overhaul - from 3500 r.
Personal features of the people as muchThey are crucial. Some consider repairing the disaster, while others - the beginning of a new life. Therefore, the first category are likely to trust the professionals, and the second - will make its own efforts to restore order.
After an objective analysis of the material and the psychological component is usually emerges most appropriate way to carry out repairs.

Possible variations

The expression "to repair their own hands" is notIt means that the work will carry only one person. Of course, there are a few fans to work alone. The rest can always invite experienced relatives, friends or colleagues for help.
If the choice is made in favor of hiring workers, you need to decide who to invite: the master with a team to provide the relevant services for the whole company or the amount of work an experienced manager of the repair project.

It is quite reasonable option would be to combine repair their own hands and hiring appropriate specialists.

In any case, the earlier repair begins, the quicker he will end!

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