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Repairing Mask for hands

Hand care

The skin on the hands is damaged by a variety of influences: from the detergent, wind and frost, and many other reasons.

The preservation of youthful hands to help special masks.

Glycerin Hand Mask
cook: 100 g of glycerol or almond oil, 5 g of ammonia, 5 g of vitamin E. All mixed. Store in a sealed container should be made of glass in the dark and cool. The mixture is stratified in time, but after shaking retains its properties.
Vitamin mask for hands
Cook: greasy hand cream and 10 g of vitamin E. Mix everything. Store the prepared mask vitamin glass and sealed container in the refrigerator.
Contra-indications: personal intolerance to any of the components or damaged skin.
Before applying the mask to steam the hands in hot water and scrub process.
On wet skin apply the mask. Wear thin rubber gloves and do not shoot for an hour, and you can increase the time until comfortable. Remove the gloves, rinse your hands and smear hand cream.
Mask egg Hand of aging skin
Cook: 1 egg yolk, 10 g of oat flour, 20 g of honey.
It is necessary to lubricate the skin overnight with a mixture of egg yolk, honey and flour. Wear fabric gloves. By morning, the skin on the hands will become soft, wrinkle - will disappear.
Honey Mask soothing hand
Prepare a 15 g of honey, 25 g of almond or olive oil, one egg yolk, 2-3 drops of lemon juice.
Mix all the ingredients. Spread your hands and put on gloves. mask should be done at night. After using this mask, the skin will be soft and velvety to the touch.

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