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How to repair a Samsung washing machine


How to repair a Samsung washing machine</a>

There are several reasons that may cause a breakdown of the Samsung washing machine. The most common occurrence is leakage, caused by a crack on the hose or its loose connection.

In addition, there are often problems with the electronic control system.

It is possible that you will be able to fix the problem yourself.

You will need

  • - towel-
  • - Teflon tape-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - pliers-
  • - Warranty card or maintenance form.



Check the hoses for water supply for leaks. This is one of the most common reasons for the breakdown of Samsung washing machines. Use an old hand towel to tie the hoses with hot and cold water in the place where water is about to leak. To replace the leaky hose, turn off the water supply to the washing Car. Unscrew the old hose and wrap it with Teflon tape. Attach a new hose and turn the water supply back on.


Check the hose ends with hot and cold water,To make sure that it is fed properly. If you see that the hose leaks at the end, turn off the water supply, and then unscrew it. Inspect the washer on the inside for cracks or other damage. Replace the washer, if necessary, and then wrap the pipes with Teflon tape, reinstall the hose and turn on the water supply.


Check the hoses that run from the bathtub to theDrain pump, for cracks and other damage. If any of them is damaged, use pliers to remove the hose from the metal springs, and replace it with a new one.


Turn off the washing Car From the mains, turn off the water supply and turn offdevice. Use a screwdriver to remove the plate on the rear panel. Inspect the inside of the equipment, check the drum mounts, remove any debris, dirt and plaque, if any.


Start the washing machine, check howWater is collected, all functions are turned on and working properly. If there are any problems in the electronic system of the device, put them in the maintenance sheet provided with the equipment and contact your nearest Samsung service center. If the equipment is under warranty, contact its supplier and receive further instructions.

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