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How to repair their own hands headphones

Often there is wire breakage in the headphone housing

Can you cope with such a nuisance as a broken headphone? Wire break, peretёrtaya lived, broken plug - all this can be corrected with his own hands at home.

You will need a soldering iron, supplies and a little time.

Types of damage

Headphones come in different designs. However, the most frequent breakdowns in all kinds of headphones are similar. The most common damage to one of the cores within the cable. This usually occurs due to abrasion or bending of a permanent wire in one place. This stems from the intensive exploitation.

The cord can break in and plug. This happens when strong bending loads on the cable at the base of the plug. Wire can break off there, if you jerked him.

The wires are cut off not only in the plug, but in the headphone housing. This may be due to a strong jerk, if the wire for something hooked.

How to repair headphones

To repair a damaged cable, require a soldering iron, solder, flux and heat shrink tubing of suitable diameter. All of these things can be quite inexpensive to buy in store for radio amateurs.

First of all, you need to look for damage. This can be done literally at the touch. Plug in your headphones, turn on the music and start to carefully bend the wire, moving from one end to the other.

The fault location will prove a bang, noise orThe sound skips. Defining the place, cut the damaged piece of wire. It is not necessary to save, cut with a margin of one or two centimeters on each side.

Remove the outer insulation so that the wires protrude from the wire a few centimeters. Then remove the insulating layer with the veins, exposing the metal.

Typically, copper wires covered with a special varnish that for convenience and improve the quality of solder must be removed. For this flux is applied. It is applied to the wire, and then paint scraped soldering tip.

Before solder the ends of the wires, put onveins shrink tubing. Once you have soldered the wires, slide Shrink on-site wiring. Gently heat the soldering iron it to shrinkage occurred. This must be done for the quality of insulation. Use electrical tape in this case, it is inefficient and inconvenient. External insulation can be replaced as a termousadochsnoy tube and ordinary tape.

If the wire broke at the baseplug, you have to cut it. Cut the plug should be open, ridding it of plastic with a knife and wire cutters. When the plug is cleared, you will need to solder the wires to the contacts in accordance with the color-coded.

If the connector housing could reveal accurately, you can try to assemble it in reverse order. You can come to the aid of an epoxy adhesive.

If the housing is destroyed permanently, you can use electrical tape or heat shrink. Another option - just buy an inexpensive collapsible plug and solder the wires to it.

When the wire is cut off from the speaker is requireddismantling of the earphone housing. Fixing the housing can be done with screws or latches. Open the housing by snap to be careful not to damage the attachment.

Having examined the body, it is necessary to find a place of breakage. The wire should be cleaned and soldered to the contact pad. Ends repairs to the hull assembly in the reverse order.

Thus, the self-repair of headphones under the force of anyone who is not afraid to pick up the soldering iron.

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