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How to make repairs on their own

How to make repairs on their own

Repairs in the apartment - it is a necessary, but not always the most pleasant.

Few people get pleasure from complete ruin,dust and clutter. Of course, at the initial stage it is necessary to prepare mentally, to adjust themselves and their ideas for the best, and safely get to work.

Expanding its activities in stages, you set goals, and will be much easier to decide on this feat.



Think about the amount of work. Will it repair of several rooms and apartments as a whole. Having defined the volume, consider the design of the room. Consult with family and friends, maybe they just settle some good interior ideas. To consider all the visual, it is necessary to calculate the material. This is necessary to avoid it turned out that due to lack of finance, repair stood for a month or even a year.


The first phase of work. Free up space on the furniture. repair usually starts with a kitchen area and a bathroom. Rooms must be absolutely clean, no hinged boxes or cabinets, tables should not be. If you are not going to change the flooring, it Cover the oilcloth and secure the perimeter masking tape (since it can then be removed without a trace). Remove all plugs and switches, after removing them from the mains. Also remove the ceiling light (chandelier), insulated wires.


The second stage of the work. Prepare the surface of the walls and ceiling. Remove old wallpaper, paint, if any. The ceiling is also to be perfectly clean. Consider replacing windows and water pipes. Right now.


The third stage of the work. Decorating an apartment. Level the floor, it is here that you need to start the repair room. If you need a new tie, this can take quite a long time. Align the walls and ceiling around the perimeter, using putty.


The fourth stage of the work. Final work. Proceed to finish the ceilings, walls and flooring.

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