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How to Repair a room

How to Repair a room

To repair the room is not turned into a disaster, is well thought out all the details.

No need to run to the shops spontaneously buying paints, varnishes, wallpaper.

Work through the stages of your actions.

You will need

  • - Patience
  • - Diligence
  • - Finance



Solve the issue of planning, be sure to think through the design of the room. Select the style of the room, this will depend on what some decoration and building materials you need.


Preparatory work. If you have planned redevelopment, it is clear that after the tie, demolition and dismantling of the walls will be a lot of garbage. In any case, even if it's just cosmetic repairs, old wallpaper, the tiles should be removed. The walls, the ceiling, the floor must be clean of debris is necessary to get rid of.


It is necessary to align the walls, ceiling and holdfloor screed. Pay special attention to the corners of the walls and ceiling, will depend on how the flooring will fall. If the room is outdated frames and sills, efficiently replace them for repair. Installation of doors slide after the final leveling of floors and walls, for a more precise setting.


Proceed to putty the walls and ceiling. Next, lay the flooring, if you are working with parquet or laminate, cover with varnish.


At the final stage the wall paint or wallpaper paste. Install the plinth to stage a general form.


The final. Set the furniture and decorate the room decor, according to your design. Makes its own adjustments to your room was unique!

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