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How to make repairs in the house

Repairs in the house and make a real wave itself

Repairs in the house? large-scale event that requires extraordinary costs like labor and material. Sometimes holding delayed year after year, because the owner can not decide on such a responsible step.

However, if you plan everything well, especially to fear and nothing to do.

You just need to make a good master plan.



If you decide to do repairs in the house, the firstbusiness to assess the scale of the forthcoming project. Walk around the house with a notebook and, going from room to room, write down what kind of work will be required for each particular room. Try to point out certain tasks at once. For example, "Bedroom - floor, laying flooring, 20 square meters. m. "The next step, try to estimate the approximate amount needed for the repair materials. Notepad with recordings obtained in going home, would be very welcome. If for some work, you will need the help of experts, the payment of their services is also included in the estimates.

Self repair can even be big and old house


Organize a sortie to the construction market or inspecialty shop with goods for repair. Explore the range of prices, the availability of necessary goods. It so happens that in just a showcase exhibit hall sample, and the items to be ordered from a central warehouse. Ask how can this last delivery. Do not rely on your memory, write down all the information which you will only be able to get.

Prepare a place for storage of building materials


It is convenient to sit down with all of your recordingstry to figure an estimate of future repairs. When you get to bring some definite number, add to the total estimated number equal to 20% of the calculated amount. Since repairs, you should always take into account the hidden costs, and therefore it is better to have for this purpose a certain emergency reserve. Think about where you will store the repair material. Purchase all according to your plan, organize home delivery.

Get all the tools you need for repair


As long as the goods are delivered, make a scheduleof work. Try to take into account at the same priority, the scale, the sequence of actions carried out. If you do repairs on their own, do not be ashamed to recruit family members and friends. If some of the work you can not afford, it is better to transfer their implementation specialists. Do not be like a mean of saying, in order to avoid paying twice. It is possible that the involvement of experts greatly save not only time but also money.

Do not be afraid to involve repairing friends and relatives


Go series of premises inroom. Gradually work your way from the back of the house to its output. All the dirty work better to make at the beginning of repair. Dirt that occurs in the process of repair, it is better to remove at once, do not give it to accumulate. Upgrade walls, doors, jambs are executed among the last. If you will be working according to plan, and will not notice how to approach the final stage of repair, and if not to its end.

Kids love to help in the repair

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