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How to make repairs in the house


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Repair in the house? The event is large-scale, requiring extraordinary costs, both labor and material. Sometimes it is delayed year after year, because the owner can not decide on such a responsible step.

However, if it's good to plan everything, then there's nothing to be afraid of.

You just need to make a good repair plan.



If you decide to make repairs in the house, firstConsider the scope of the forthcoming project. Walk around the house with a notebook and, moving from room to room, write down what kinds of work will be required for each particular room. Try to specify certain tasks at once. For example, "Bedroom - floor, parquet laying, 20 sq. M. M. "The next step, try to estimate the approximate number of materials needed for repair. A notepad with the notes received at the round of the house will be very handy. If for some work you need the help of specialists, pay for their services, too, include in the estimate.

Even a large and old house can be repaired on its own


Organize a foray into the construction market orSpecialized store with goods for repair. Learn the range, prices, availability of the goods you need. It happens that in the hall only a display case is exhibited, and the goods themselves must be ordered from the central warehouse. Please specify how long such delivery can last. Do not rely solely on your memory, write down all the information you can get.

Prepare a place to store building materials


Sit down comfortably with all your records andTry to estimate the approximate estimate of future repairs. When you are able to deduce a certain number, add to the general estimate a number equal to 20% of the calculated amount. Beginning repairs, you always need to take into account unforeseen expenses, and therefore it is better to have for these purposes a certain inviolable stock. Think about where you will store the repair material. Purchase everything, according to your plan, organize the delivery home.

Get all the tools you need to repair


While the goods are being delivered, draw up a scheduleWorks. Try to take into account the priority, scale, consistency of all the actions. If you are doing repairs yourself, do not be ashamed to bring family members and friends to work. If some work you can not do, then it's better to transfer their implementation to specialists. Do not be like the mean from the proverb, so as not to pay twice. It is possible that attracting specialists will save not only time, but also money.

Do not be afraid to involve friends and relatives in repairing


Go consistently from the room to theRoom. Gradually move from the depths of the house to his exit. All dirty work is best done at the very beginning of the repair. Dirt arising during the repair, it is better to clean immediately, do not allow it to accumulate. Renovation of walls, doors, jambs are carried out one of the last. If you work according to plan, you yourself will not notice how to approach the final stage of repair, and then to its end.

Children love to help in repairs

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