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How to repair the gas

How to repair the gas

To date, housing heating with natural gas is the most economical and convenient heating views.

After receiving permission to connect to the centralnatural gas pipe and filling out the technical conditions and the connection project, you make a contract on gas equipment and installation with the organization licensed for this type of work.



All these steps: connect, connection, installation of metering devices - can perform only organization licensed to work with gas appliances.


Once you have everything set up, connect, and made the act of commissioning, you contract with the same organization for the maintenance and repair of gas appliances.


If you have something ceased to function,enable, disable, or you need to install additional appliances or make their replacement by more modern models, nothing to repair or replace, you have no right.


Call your service provider for the specified in the contract numbers and call the technician or installer, depending on what you have there, and what types of work to be performed.


The only thing out of all the work that you cancarried out without the involvement of specialists - it is cleaning the gas burner stoves and water heating devices. It is necessary to remove the protective cover, unscrew the mounting bolts, all with the brush wash with degreaser, dry and refit.


Upon detection of gas leaks immediately shut off all feed valves, open the windows and doors and call the gas emergency telephone 04.


If you live in an apartment building or house divided into two or three parts, in addition should notify neighbors about the gas leak with a view to their safety.

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