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How to repair printers

How to repair printers</a>

A broken printer can become a serious obstacle to work and study - especially when you regularly print any documents and files.

If in the event of serious damage the printerIt is necessary to carry to experts in the authorized service center, in some less serious cases you can repair the faulty printer at home.



Among the common causes of malfunctions arePrinters very often there is a banal pollution of the mechanism. Do not forget to lubricate the printer with special grease for electronic gadgets and wash it with distilled water. Do not use alcohol to clean the printers. For cleaning you will also need a screwdriver, cotton swabs, foam sponge.


If the print carriage knocks on the edges when printingBody, and the print is uneven, perhaps you need to clean the ruler that regulates the correct carriage stroke. Open the printer cover, remove the carriage by bending the clips.


Remember how the ruler was installed inAnd remove it first by pulling the right end of the ruler, then left. With a foam sponge, rinse the ruler in a warm, soapy solution, without touching it with the hands in places where the carriage is aligned.


Wipe the carriage with a dry cloth and leave itDry out on a flat surface. The ruler should be clean and transparent. Reattach one end of the dried ruler in the printer, passing the left end through the carriage. Fasten the right end. Close the printer, turn it on and check for correct operation.


Also, the cause of incorrect printing may beHide in the wrong tension of the toothed belt, which is put on the gear of the motor in the right part and on the spring gear in the left part. Check how well the spring is working, and whether it fell out of its groove. Remove the belt from the gear and release the spring. Slightly stretch it, replace the spring, place the belt back and turn on the printer.


If the printer tears the paper while it is working, its shaft couldTo lose horizontal position. Disassemble the printer casing and remove the carriage ruler. Remove the timing belts from the gears and look at the print shaft on the back.


Unscrew the screws from the shaft ends and remove it,Holding the carriage. Wash the shaft and the timing belt in warm water. Remove dirt from the joint of the carriage with the shaft using cotton swabs. Reconnect the mechanism and adjust it. Lubricate the shaft with a special lubricant and move it over the carriage to smear it all over the surface.


If the printer does not grab the paper, remove the grease on the rubber rollers and insert it at the bottom of the output tray.

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