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How to repair printers

How to repair printers

Broken printer can be a serious hindrance to the work and study - particularly when you regularly print out any documents and files.

If in the case of serious damage printeryou must carry to specialists in an authorized service center, in some less serious cases, you can fix a faulty printer at home.



Among the common causes of faults inprinter is very common mechanism banal contamination. Do not forget to lubricate the printer with special grease for electronic givers and rinse it with distilled water. Do not use alcohol to clean the printer. To clean you will also need a screwdriver, cotton swabs, foam rubber sponge.


If the printer carriage for printing knocking on the edgehousing, and the print result is uneven, you may need to clean the line, which regulates the correct course of carriage. Open the printer cover, remove the carriage, tilting clamps.


Remember how the line was established inbody of the printer, and remove it, first taking out the right end of the line, and then left. Foam sponge wash line in warm soapy water, without touching it with his hands in the ground caused scratches to guide the carriage.


Clean the carriage with a dry cloth and leave itdosushit on level ground. The line must be clear and transparent. Again fasten one end of the dry line in the printer by passing through the left end of the carriage. Secure the right end. Close the printer, turn it on and check for correct operation.


Also, incorrect printing may be the reasonhiding in the wrong tension the timing belt, which is put on the gear motor on the right side and the spring gear on the left side. Check how serviceable the spring, and if she had fallen out of its groove. Remove the belt from the gear and release the spring. A little stretch it, set the spring in place, put the belt back and turn on the printer.


If the printer is tearing the paper, it could shaftlosing a horizontal position. Disassemble the printer casing and remove the carriage line. Timing belts, remove the gears and shaft, consider printing the back side.


Remove the screws from the shaft ends and remove it,holding carriage. Clean the shaft and the toothed belt in the warm water. Remove dirt from the junction of the carriage shaft, using cotton swabs. Reassemble the mechanism and adjust it. Lubricate the shaft of a special lubricant and the reason for his carriage to smear it across the surface.


If the printer does not catch the paper, remove the fatty plaque on rubber rollers and insert at the bottom of the output tray.

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