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Repair of the fence with his hands

Repair of the fence with his hands

Wooden fence is not so much the problem areas. Quite often, it is rotting in some places, if they were not covered with a special compound.

Spoiled places replaced separately and treated.

During the renovation, you need to replace the following parts:

  • spans, which are very often provisayut-
  • shtaketiny also need to replace, they are often gniyut-
  • wooden stolby-
  • awnings or gate.

If you decide to repair the fence themselves, andIt has a decay in the spans, you need to make a change of the whole flight. Fence also be replaced. It is necessary to assemble a new flight on the ground, scoring shtaketiny 15 cm nails. Soak a special compound and set to the posts.

Near the fence can be positioned lawn, and along it light devices, they will be covered by your site during the night.

Replacing the poles does not happen so often, theyact as the holder of all of the fence. But the pillars may be exposed to rotting due to the fact that part of Bury is not treated with a special compound. If you see a post that looked, it means that it is time to change or repair.

To repair it is necessary to dig andmake it the base. To do this, the tube 28 cm in diameter and pour on the concrete circle. Then submerge the new post of smaller diameter into the pipe, and the siege of a sledgehammer. This strengthening will be durable in use.

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