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Repair of apartments with their own hands

Repair of apartments with their own hands

Nothing is forever in this world, and eventually takes unpresentable view apartment, in need of updating. Repair - it is responsible and time-consuming.

There are two ways - to invite a team of builders, or to make his own hands.

Where to start repair of apartments

Repairs can be cosmetic and overhaul. Thorough do in the case where the unusable come bearing structures, communication. The aim is to change the decoration finish, interior upgrade.

Make minor repairs yourself notIt is difficult, and you have complete control over the process, doing for themselves, and thus qualitatively save the family budget. Start with the definition of repair work front, budgeting, procurement of materials. Repairs include finishing ceilings, change the wallpaper, the cladding tiles, upgrading floors.

Prepare the room: take out or bury furniture, remove the old finish. Carry out construction works on the principle of "top down", therefore, the first phase - repair ceilings. They can be coated with latex paint, decorate the ceiling tiles, but if you need a durable respectable ceiling, you should stay at the suspension or tension structures.

Repair of apartments Cosmetic

On the ceiling are moving to the wall surfaceprimed and vyrovnivayut putty and only after that proceed to the decorative trim. Modern construction market offers a huge selection of wallpaper, as well as various kinds of decorative plaster. Not a bad option - wall decoration MDF panels.

At the final stage of updating the flooring. Freshen paint on wooden slatted floors, parquet and scrape cover it with varnish. You can replace the old floor covering more modern. By making self-leveling floor slats instead of sex, you need to get rid of every year his tint, will receive an exclusive stylish finish.

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