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REPAIR of the apartment with your own hands


Apartment repair by one's own hands</a>

Nothing lasts forever in this world and the apartment eventually becomes unpresentable, needs to be updated. Repair is a responsible and time-consuming task.

There are two ways - to invite a team of builders or make it yourself.

How to start repairing an apartment

Repair is cosmetic and capital. The capital is made in the event that the bearing structures and communications come into disrepair. The purpose of cosmetic repairs is a change of decoration, renovation of the interior.

Do not do self-repair on your ownWill be very difficult, while you completely control the process, do it for yourself, which means that you save your family budget qualitatively. Begin the repair with the definition of the front of work, drawing up estimates, purchasing materials. Repair work includes the finishing of ceilings, the change of wallpaper, the tiling of walls, the renovation of the floors.

Prepare the room: Take out or bury furniture, remove the old finish. Perform construction work on a "top-down" basis, therefore, the first stage - repair of ceilings. They can be covered with water-based paint, trimmed with a ceiling tile, but if you need a long-lasting respectable ceiling, then it's worthwhile to stay on suspension or tension structures.

Repair of apartment

From the ceilings go to the walls, the surfacePrimed and leveled with putty and only then proceed to the decorative finish. The modern building market offers a huge selection of wallpapers, as well as various types of decorative plaster. A good option - the finishing of walls with MDF panels.

At the final stage, update the floor covering. Refresh the paint on wooden flooring floors, carpet parquet and cover it with varnish. You can replace the old floor covering with more modern ones. Making the floor instead of the floor strip, you get rid of the need to tint it every year, get an exclusive stylish cover.

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