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How to Repair the ignition unit

How to Repair the ignition unit

At night, the very important issue of road lighting, particularly in Russia, where they are far from ideal.

Xenon headlights is quite cope with the task, but they are not immune from damage.

At failure of the ignition unit of xenon should first try to eliminate the damage on their own, and only then, if it does not buy new parts.



The reasons for failure xenon ignition few, here they are:
1) There is no leakage in the block may fall into the dust or water. Determine this is possible, and open device. Manifested failure in flashing lights. Either it does not light up.
2) Rust, due to adhesions which may extend some elements of the unit. Parts themselves due to the rust may fall out of the solder.
3) Problems with transistors.
4) "Penetration" multiplier windings or transformer.
5) There is no control signal from the controller.


Entrust failure diagnosis and repair unitFiring better professionals, but you can do it on their own. Smell that smell the burnt smell of a particular element. Get Oscilloscope - he will be very useful in determining which unit cell has failed.


Before we move on to serious operations,try to wash the whole unit with alcohol. All will work again, if were to blame for the entire moisture or rust. If this does not help, remove the sealant from the back side of the board and soldering Solder leaky. Connect the unit to the lamp, get it. Include it only connected to the lamp state, on the surface, which does not conduct electricity, and at a safe distance from flammable objects and materials. Hands do not touch the unit, disconnected the unit allow time to cool down.


If the above operation does not help, revealAll covers and remove the sealant. Rang all the transistors tester, if you find the sample, buy new Polevik (eg, 4N60), solder it. If the breakdown is not, look for the cause further.


Rang burned resistor - it may have escaped unscathed. If not, then change it to a new, 5 watts. Solder sealant solder joints, where the flux activity, wash flux residue.


Start the ignition unit. If your repair is successful, then the lights begin to shine as before. If this does not succeed, get spoiled resistor. After finding it, vypayat, then turn the ignition unit without him for a while. If earned, consider that the problem is solved. If not - will have to contact the service station.


If the repair was successful, and the unit earned as it is necessary, seal it. Fill the board with paraffin. Silicone sealants are better not to apply.

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