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Repair floors with their own hands

Repair floors with their own hands

On the floor has to a large load, so the floor quickly lose presentable appearance and needs regular updating and repair.

Armed with some knowledge on the subject of construction, it is possible to carry out repairs on their hands.

Renovation of wooden floors

The most common flooring in the apartments - fromwooden slats, it can last for a long time. If Rassokha, creaks and sags under the weight of walking, you should think about the partial replacement of the boards or completely dismantle it.

Repair wooden floor can be done in theWhen the base of a well-preserved, not rotted logs and have something new to nail the floorboards. Remove the baseboards, rotten sexual rails replaced with new, good old board is securely fixed to the joists. Flooring treated with wood putty. After it dries, held sander or manually overwritten with sandpaper.

Then the floor is washed, let it dry and paintor covered with flooring - carpet, linoleum. It is possible to completely replace the old boards new modern racks. They are made with the tongue, lock connection allows you to gather quality flooring, without any slits.

Installation of concrete screed

If completely fallen into disrepair and the board, andlags, the easier all this "beauty" to remove, make the foundation of the screed. To cover laid down perfectly, the base should be smooth, smooth. Before filling, it is necessary to prepare a place - to lay waterproofing, paving around the perimeter of damping tape. Under dry screed must fill area expanded clay sand.

After finishing the preparatory work can beginto fill, this is done using a cement-sand mortar or self-leveling ready-made dry mix. Instructions for using the written on the packaging. For dry screed is used gypsum board.

Concrete screed can serve as a basis forceramic tile in kitchen and bathroom, laminate flooring, self-leveling floor. Perhaps in the same room to use different types of flooring, combining them, you can achieve interesting design effect.

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