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REPAIR of floors by own hands


Repair of floors by own hands</a>

On the floor there is a large load, so the flooring quickly loses presentable appearance and needs regular renovation and repair.

Armed with some knowledge of the construction theme, you can repair yourself.

Repair of wooden floors

The most common floor in apartments is fromWooden reiki, it can last a long time. If you dry up, creak and crouch under the weight of those walking, you should think about partial replacement of the floorboards or completely dismantle it.

Repair of the wooden floor can be done in thatThe case where the base is well preserved, the logs are not rotten and there is something to nail down the new floorboards. Remove the plinth, the rotten floor laths are replaced with new, good old boards securely fixed to the lags. The flooring is treated with putty on wood. After it has dried out, pass the grinding machine or rub it by hand with sandpaper.

Next, the floor is washed, allowed to dry and paintedOr covered with a floor covering - carpet, linoleum. You can completely replace the old boards with new modern racks. They are made with a groove, the locking joint allows you to collect the flooring qualitatively, without a single slit.

Installation of concrete screed

If the boards are completely useless, andLag, it is easier to remove all this "beauty", to make a base of cement screed. In order for the coating to lie perfectly, the base must be flat, smooth. Before proceeding to pouring, you need to prepare a place - to lay waterproofing, to lay along the perimeter of the damper tape. Under a dry screed, you should fill the area with expanded clay sand.

After completing the preparatory work, you can proceedTo the pouring, for this use a cement-sand mortar or ready-made self-leveling dry mixes. Instructions for use are written on the packaging. For dry screed, gypsum fiber boards are used.

Concrete screed can serve as a basis forCeramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, laminate flooring, flooring. It is possible to use different types of flooring in one room, combining them, you can achieve an interesting design effect.

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