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How to repair a creaking floor


How to repair a creaking floor</a>

A new wooden floor, initially properly performing its function, after a while can start to squeak.

Faced with this situation, you must first try to determine correctly the cause and source of the creaking.

To solve the problem, it is enough to use the simplest tools and materials.

You will need

  • - wooden wedges-
  • - a hammer-
  • - nails, screws or screws -
  • - drill-
  • - drill-
  • - graphite powder or talc-
  • - putty-
  • - sandpaper.



Ask someone to walk around the floor andListen to the creaking. Most often, the source of trouble lies in those boards that are poorly attached to transverse lags or beams. Examine the surface of the plank floor and try to identify those places where the boards slightly lag behind or move when they come. Usually in problem areas there is an increased or, conversely, reduced clearance between the boards.


If you can get to the boards from the bottom,For example, from the basement of the house, to monitor the floor for fault diagnosis better from there. When you find the boards that caused the creaking, hammer a small wooden wedge between the weakened board and the beam on which this board lies. The size of the wedge should be such that the board in the repaired place does not rise above the general level of the floor.


When access to the floorboards from below is absent,Fix problem boards from the top. In the simplest case, you can use a nail for this, driving it in a weakened place of the floor to the beam at a slight angle. But it is much safer to use long screws or screws for this purpose.


Drill in a creaking board with a thin drillTwo or three auxiliary holes on either side of the problem area, focusing on the location of the beams. Screw the screws with the countersunk head, and then pinch the joints and sand with sandpaper. The connection will be more reliable if you point the screws at an angle to the floor surface and to each other.


If the cause of the creaking was mutual frictionAdjacent boards against each other, use graphite powder or talc to solve the problem. It is important to correctly determine the space of the board, where the script comes from. When you determine the source of the creak, gently fill the gap between the boards with graphite, and then fix this place with a long screw with a countersunk head.

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