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REPAIR cistern


To repair a broken cistern, does not necessarily cause plumbing.

The cause of the defect can be, for example, a leaky gasket, which change quite able to anyone.

You will need

  • - Gas key-
  • - Flat screwdriver-
  • - Rubber prokladki-
  • - Possibly the new valve.



There are 2 kinds of cisterns: built-in wall mounted. The first plate is usually closed, which is necessary to remove and lift it from the bottom. In the attachment of a tank, remove the lid. To do this, pry it from both sides and pull some effort up. If the lid does not give, make sure that it does not hold, there are special holders on some systems, you need to pre-roll out.


The most common failure cisternIt is continuously inflowing water. The reason for this may be stalled as a result of pollution or sedimentation of salts in it float. Remove the float, wash it with warm water and soap, if necessary treat with vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Replace the float in place, make sure that nothing interferes with its normal course.


Stop valve keeps water in the tank, without givingpour it ahead of time. Wear Plate this valve can cause a continuous leak. To replace it, remove the large white nut between cistern and toilet bowl, set a new rubber ring.


Leaky valve gasket intake tooIt may cause a malfunction drainage system. To change the gasket, remove the plastic nut. Use for this purpose a pipe wrench, but do not overdo it with pressure. Remove the gasket leaking, replace it with a new one. It is likely that you will need to replace the valve completely, but even such a repair will cost you cheaper than calling sanitary brigade.


If the tank is no longer act the water, the reason may also lie in faulty or clogged inlet valve. Remove the defect filter helps clean the grill or a complete replacement of the valve.

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