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REPAIR bedrooms. Priority works

Bedroom Renovated

Bedroom - a place for two. Bedroom - a place of rest and a place to sleep where we can escape from his household.

Bedroom - this is our personal world.

Therefore repairs in the bedroom must be of high quality.

Try it yourself to do.

To repair is not proved to be a disaster,We need to find out, in what order should work, what materials to use. Then turn an ordinary bedroom into a dream bedroom. Let's begin to understand what's what.

As with any renovation, you need to start with the design. We sit down and imagine what we want to see the bedroom renovated. Once we have decided on a style, we begin to make furniture. All clean, unscrew and preparing for the next stage.

Preparatory work. Getting clean the walls, floor, ceiling. If the repair plans included replacement of windows and doors, then change. If not, it is closed with cellophane and masking tape surface of the window and door leaf. Preparatory work is finished.

Now we need to do with electricity. If your wiring is in good condition and does not require replacement, it will be enough to consider only the lighting system. Recommended to use in the bedroom multi-level lighting. Should illuminate the area and all the bedrooms, and some of its place, such as a boudoir with a mirror. Not be amiss and bedside lighting.

Getting to the finish of the room. As decoration you want to use environmentally friendly materials. For the floor, you can choose laminate or parquet. For the walls, you can take the vinyl wallpaper. They have to clean and look good on the walls. For finishing the ceiling can take the wallpaper, but if you want to make a ceiling in a modern style, select a multi-level structure. Such a complex ceiling will not only be functional, but will decorate the bedrooms. Finishing works are completed.

Now we begin to furnish your bedroom furniture. Recommended forget the couch. Neither the best sofa is no substitute for a double bed. Do not skimp on your sleep. Do not forget the female boudoir. In this corner of your beloved could admire its beauty, put himself in order. In general, the boudoir of a necessary thing. Another desired attribute of bedrooms - a functional wardrobe. Prefer wardrobe. At this furniture enough. Do not clutter the space.

Finishing touch. Beautiful curtains on the window, bedspread, soft carpet on the floor and some nice accessories, continuing the style of your bedroom. Your bedroom is ready. Sweet dreams and good rest in an updated bedroom.

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