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Repair and leveling the floor with their hands

Repair and leveling the floor with their hands

Work on the construction or repair requires careful preparation.

These include the planning and preparation of all components. To repair the floor beginning of all work is to determine the level of damage and the choice of finishing material.

The more expensive the new coating, the greater the cost and time required for the repair and preparation of the subfloor.

But the laying of expensive materials, such as parquet or tile gravels require professional skills and knowledge.

Therefore, to repair the floor with his hands should choose a more simple in execution of floor coverings - linoleum or laminate.

Leveling the floor with instrumentation

The first step to ensure that their level the floorhands, prepare for finishing, it should be the easiest, but not the most pleasant - cleaning the base of cement dust and small chips. Making sure that all debris is removed, you can try to determine the condition of the surface of the subfloor. It will serve a great service to the level of a simple construction. Of course, if the farm there is a laser level, the work will go much faster with it. To determine the depth of unevenness in the floor enough to install a device on the highest point of the surface. When the lights laser flashlight, its light is projected on the walls around the perimeter of the room. It remains only a pencil or chalk to repeat this line.

Is it possible to align the floor without instruments

To align the floor with your hands, you can doand without the laser device. Then it is necessary to lay a horizontal line manually, adjusting their mounting level. The highest portion in this case is chosen close to the wall and set the mark at a distance of 5-6 cm above the floor. All labels have received more and connect with each other with a rope crosswise.

If the result of the preliminary measurementit turns out that the surface requires leveling, you should use self-leveling compounds (at no irregularities larger than 2 cm). These mixtures are easily spread out and very well fall into all irregularities. For this simple work of serious knowledge is not required. But the assistant can not hurt.

How to repair the floor with their hands

But, unfortunately, when leveling the floor mayrequire more complex work, if the floor is in very poor condition. This is a new screed. It is necessary to install beacons across a floor surface by placing them at the same distance - from 60 to 80 cm apart. For such work should use as beacons metal guides for plasterboard. This is due to the fact that they do not require alignment and are very securely attached to the base floor by means of long screws.

Not forgetting during repair floors checkinstallation level compliance beacons alignment line drawn along the perimeter of the room, under the rails enclose a piece of plywood or other boards, if necessary. After all the prep work a mixture of cement with sand and water is poured between the beacons. The surface will have a solution at the time of filling solution to align regulation, focusing on pre-established beacons. After pouring the need to wait for the complete drying of the floor and only then lay linoleum or other covering.

How else can you align the floor

But there is another way to align your floorhands. It is equally effective, but less expensive and simple. It is based on the use of DSP boards. For cement-bonded boards, nothing is impossible. They can be laid directly on the base, the curvature of which not more than 2 cm, using special mounting for screws or nails. For large bumps or depressions sheets stack on DSP pre-aligned and capital attached to the floor of wooden planks.

When aligning the floor to meet the specifieda board-level, if necessary, enclose small pieces of plywood or boards. Cracks between boards close up sheets of special putty and paint over the primer surface. DSP can also act as a finishing material for floors. In this case, you just choose the right primer and paint for finishing. In this way, refurbished floor will last for a long time, because the cement-bonded plates are not afraid of moisture, have excellent resistance to the appearance of fungi and insects are not dangerous to health (do not contain asbestos).

Thus, to cope with the task of repairing and leveling the floor with their hands can only one who is not afraid of dirty work and loves to create in your home comfort and beauty.

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