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How to repair the USB-port

How to Repair USB-port

And then came the day when you refused to USB-port.

How to adjust its performance?

1. First, try to restart your computer.

2. If you do not help restart should update the configuration of equipment installed on the computer in the "Device Manager." To do this, click on the icon "My Computer" in the menu that opens, select "Manage". Next, look for the tab "Action", "Scan for hardware changes."

3.Otklyuchit USB controller. View the "Device Manager" and remove all the USB-controllers, restart the computer. Do not worry, they will appear after restarting the computer.

4. You may have damaged himself USB-port. It is necessary to check its status. It should be similar to the others, look closely can see any differences? Recall, if the port fell something extraneous?

5. Another embodiment USB inoperability is simply that the port is not connected to the motherboard. Maybe you disassembled the computer and forget to connect the connectors to the motherboard back?

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