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How to repair a plastic window sill


How to repair a plastic window sill</a>

Plastic windows have appeared in the apartments of Russians relatively recently, but their practicality and reliability of the questions no longer causes.

However, the weak point of plastic windows were window sills, which are often subjected to inaccurate treatment from the owners and guests of the apartment.

If the windowsills in the rooms cover the curtains, the kitchen sills most often remain open and can easily be damaged.

Simple sill damage

The surface of the plastic sill is coveredA film that performs decorative and protective functions. With careless handling, scratches may appear on it. To eliminate minor scratches, you can use wax for laminate. If they are not very deep, you can repair the windowsill with a special Cosmofen cleaner, this is a solvent based compound. Apply the product to scratches, the top layer of the film will dissolve and become liquid, scratches will simply disappear. But in the case when the window sill is already slightly yellowed from time, it is better to cover this surface with its entire surface so that there are no spots left.

When choosing the manufacturer of plastic windows, pay attention - some companies include in the contract the condition of replacing the sill in case of damage.

When scratches are deep or someone has succeededBurn the window sill with a random cigarette butt, it can not be removed from the solvent-based composition. In this case, you can use liquid plastic Cosmofen Plus. It will help even in those cases when a dent has formed on the windowsill from an accidentally placed hot frying pan or saucepan. Liquid plastic simply fills all the depressions, and the relief of the window sill becomes smooth and smooth again. But, since such a plastic patch will be noticeable, a special decorative self-adhesive film can be pasted onto the window sill.

In hardware stores you will be offered decorative self-adhesive films simulating the surface of natural stone or wood of various breeds, you can always choose the one suitable for design.

Cover for window sill

If the sill has lost its former form or has beenDamaged, it usually had to be removed to replace it with a new one. To do this, we had to dismantle it, which was accompanied by damage to the wall. Now there is no need to replace and dismantle the windowsill. Some firms offer special overlays on the windowsills made from the same PVC as the windows. On sale there are imported and domestic pads. Imported, as a rule, are covered with decorative film. The surface of some linings does not stick at all, which significantly increases their strength to mechanical influences and their service life. The cover completely covers the top surface of the window sill and its end, the caps are installed on each side, the window structure acquires a complete and aesthetic appearance.

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