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How to repair a generator


How to repair a generator</a>

The generator is one of the most important devices in the car. The reason for frequent breakdowns of the generator lies in the fact that it is one of the most actively loaded parts of the car.

Despite the fact that the signs of a generator breakdown are the same for all cars, the process of disassembly and repair of the generator may differ depending on the models and engine capacity.



Check the tension of the V-belt of the generator
To do this, you need to press your fingerbelt. If the belt bends more than 5 mm - it needs to be pulled or replaced. To increase the belt tension, loosen the fixing screws, push the generator away from the engine and fix the screws again. If the belt has cracks and kinks - it should be replaced.


Before starting the disassembly of the generator, it is recommendedNote the mutual position of the lids and the magnetic circuit of the stator. Loosen the screws securing the generator's rear cover. Carefully sever the halves. In the front part of the generator there will be a rotor, in the back cover - a stator and converting-control components.


Unscrew the nuts fixing the ends of the windingsStator. Unscrew the screws securing the brush assembly and the voltage regulator. Examine the condition of the brushes. If the brushes protrude from the brush holder by less than 5 mm, replace them. Separate the connecting wires. If necessary, polish the contact ring, check the spring force and clean the contact surface. Install new brushes and make sure that they move freely in the holder. Solder the wires. It should be remembered that before installing the regulator with a new brush holder, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the brush holder from coal dust.


Unscrew the nuts securing the diode bridge. Remove the diode bridge. If the steel contact connecting the voltage regulator with the diode bridge is strongly rusted and not disconnected from the regulator, remove the regulator with the bridge. Then disconnect the parts. Check the diode bridge. If necessary, replace the diodes.


Check the shorting of the windings of the starter to ground.


Carry out a resistance check between the ends of the windings.


Check the winding of the rotor for the rated resistance and for the short to the housing.

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