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How to repair cracked wooden chairs


How to repair cracked wooden chairs</a>

Chairs made of wood, eventually crack up and start to stagger. It's impossible to sit on such a chair.

Do not rush to part with these interior items.

Perhaps you have an excuse not only to repair the chairs, but also to turn them into a highlight of the interior.

The first stage of work

Carefully inspect the wooden chair from allParties. To fix it, you need to dismantle the piece of furniture for components. Remember its design. It is best for a beginner master to photograph the chair from all sides, then to know exactly where and what part is attached.

Turn the chair over and look at the attachment of the soft or hard seat. It can be bolted, or simply inserted into the grooves. Pull it out and set it aside.

Separate the legs and the remaining crossbeams of the chairFrom each other. If there are screws somewhere, unscrew them. The remaining connections are disassembled with a hammer and a wooden bar. All strokes on the chair are applied only through the bar, so that you do not have dents and chips on the wooden surface.

Clean all grooves of adhesive residues. Use a screwdriver, an awl and sandpaper. Examine the wooden spikes. If any of them is damaged, pull it out with pliers. Grease the groove with PVA glue and add a new one. Strip the other spikes with sandpaper.

For the repair of chairs use carpentry orFurniture glue PVA. They have special additives, which, after the glue dries, retain the elasticity of the joint. When using a chair, the tree will not break down.

Stool assembly

Spread out newspaper or polyethylene on the floorFilm. Densely smearing grooves and spikes with PVA glue, assemble the structure of the chair. Tighten each joint tightly so that the glue comes out to the surface. First remove the excess with a knife blade, and then wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth.

If the groove loosens up and becomes too large for the spike to be inserted into it, drive into it another wooden chip, toothpick or wooden skewer, having missed them with glue.

Collect the frame of your wooden rarity tightly fix the rope and leave to dry for a day or two, depending on the ambient temperature.

Upgrading the seat

While the wooden frame dries, take care of the seat. Remove the upholstery from the soft seat. Look at the condition of foam rubber. If necessary, remove it. Dissolve a new piece of foam rubber and fasten it to the seat with a double-sided tape.

Put the old upholstery on the newspaper and circle it.The handle. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to the new material. If the fabric is thin, make the substrate on foam rubber from another dense material. Assemble the seat. Tighten it with a new cloth, securing it from the opposite side with brackets from the furniture stapler.

Update the withered wooden chair frame. Remove from it the old varnish coating with a grinder and sandpaper. Fix all the old chipped wood with a putty. Primnutuyte surface, and after drying, apply several layers of varnish with intermediate drying. Insert the seat into place.

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