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How to repair a cracked wooden chairs

How to repair a cracked wooden chairs

Chairs made of wood, eventually crack and become loose. Sitting on this chair becomes impossible.

Do not hurry to part with these interior.

Perhaps you have a reason not only to repair the chairs, but also turn them into a highlight of the interior.

The first stage of work

Inspect wooden chair with allsides. To fix it, you will have to disassemble a piece of furniture into components. Remember its design. The best way for a novice wizard to photograph the chair on all sides, so you know exactly where and what the item is attached.

Turn the chair and look fastening soft or hard seats. It can be fixed with bolts and can simply be inserted into the slots. Remove it and set aside.

The legs and the rest of the bar stools separateapart. If somewhere there are screws, unscrew them. The remaining connections will be examined with a hammer and a block of wood. All blows to the chair apply only through the bar, so you do not have formed dents and chips on a wooden surface.

Clean all grooves from adhesive residue. Use a screwdriver, awl, and sandpaper. Inspect wooden spikes. If any of them is damaged, remove it with pliers. Grease groove joinery with white glue and insert a new one. Remaining spikes sandpaper.

use a carpenter to repair chairs orFurniture PVA glue. They have a special additive which, after drying glue retain elasticity compound. When using wood chair will not break down.

chair assembly

Spread newspaper on the floor or polyethylenefilm. Gusto promazyvaya grooves and spikes with white glue, assemble construction of the chair. Firmly press down each connection, so that the adhesive left on the surface. Its surplus first remove the blade of the knife, and then immediately wipe with a damp cloth.

If the slot is loose and has become too large for the insertion into it spike, it will drive even a wooden splinter, a toothpick or wooden skewer, missed their glue.

Assembled wooden frame of your rare tightly fasten a rope and leave to dry for a day or two, depending on the ambient temperature.

Upgrade seats

While the wooden frame to dry, get a seat. Remove the upholstery with a soft seat. Look at the condition of the foam. If necessary, remove it. Cutting a new piece of foam rubber and secure it to the seat with the help of double-sided tape.

The old upholstery lay on the newspaper and circlehandle. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to the new material. If the fabric is thin, make foam on the substrate of the other dense material. Assemble the seat. Obtyanite his new cloth, securing it to the back of the brackets on the furniture stapler.

Update dried wooden frame of the chair. Remove it from the old varnish using the sander and sandpaper. Seal all the old chipped wood putty. Prime the surface, and after drying, apply several layers of varnish with intermediate drying. Insert the seat into place.

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