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How to rent out the cottage

How to rent out the cottage

The deal is carried rental cottagessimilar to the registration of the contract on the lease of city apartments. The difference is only in the fact that at the time testify additional conditions for its maintenance and upkeep can be specified.

In any case, to surrender his dacha rental with minimum risk and maximum price, a few rules you need to know.



To start insure their "six acres" offlood, fire or other force majeure. Insurance cottages at the time its lease is very important because it will stay in completely unfamiliar to you people. In addition, many tenants are not very carefully relate to other people's property.


Enclose only the official lease,prescribing it obligations of the parties, the price and term of the lease, as well as other significant conditions of the agreement. Make an inventory of the property and attach it to the contract. It fix the current state of home appliances, furniture and other items available on the site or in the house.


Try to take the cottage for a maximumlong term - this will allow you to prevent interruptions between renting cottages different tenants and the associated with this fuss, and thus bring the greatest benefit.


Prepare a cottage to rent. Bring in proper form not only the house but also the adjacent land. Give them a maximum of respectability. If necessary, make small repairs: repair the all that is in a broken state. Even small improvements in a country house will increase the interest of tenants that positively impact on your income.


Tenants can look for yourself,using the Internet or print media advertisement, or seek help from real estate agency. The latter option will allow you to protect yourself from unscrupulous tenants. Just chose the agency, which has long worked in the market and has a lot of good advice.


Prepayment for rent cottages must be paid at least in part. The payment of the security deposit - the amount which is designed to cover all your expenses in the event of damage to property - is up to you.

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