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How to rent an apartment for a long time in Goa

How to rent an apartment for a long time in Goa

Goa - the non-Indian state of India.

Every year more and more people are leaving there for the winter.

In Goa there are no problems with rental housing in the long term, but there are some important nuances that should be taken into account when choosing an apartment.



Rent an apartment or a house in Goa can be throughreal estate agency, or directly from the homeowner. In the first case, you can just come to the agency, to express their wishes and wait for you to offer options. It is more expensive, but a lot less worries.


In the second case, you must first find a suitablehouse or apartment. If you have just arrived in Goa, you can stay in a hotel, rent a bike or a scooter and ride on your chosen town. Pay attention to the signs with slogans or House for rent Apartment for rent. Most often, such plates indicated phone number where you can contact with the landlord.


Picking up several options for potential housing, begin telephone calls owners. At this stage you need to make sure that the apartment or house meet an acceptable level of safety and comfort.


Be sure to specify on the phone beforego to inspect the apartment or house, if there is a water heater in a house, independent power supply, air conditioning, fully furnished, refrigerator, gas, washing machine (laundry or nearby).


It's worth noting that in Goa there is nocentral water supply, and, of course, heating. The houses and apartments there is only cold water, which can be heated by electric heaters and others. Quite often in Goa it turned off the electricity, so a nice house or apartment should have its generator. Asked the host as much detail about what housing there. If he promises to do something then, especially not count on it. Normally, after payment of these promises are not fulfilled. Please note that the apartments are usually rented virtually no utensils.


To explore the apartment or house, pay attention to all the host of breakage, wear and roughness, so that later when leaving the property had no problems.


It is advisable to choose an apartment with barred windows, it can keep you out of petty thieves. In some parts of Goa is often lost equipment from the premises.


By choosing an apartment, we finally discuss with the owner of the price. If you know how to bargain, you have all the chances to reduce the price of ten to fifteen percent.


Once you have decided on the price, doprepayment. It need not be large. This prepayment demonstrates a seriousness. At this stage you need to create a free-form written contract, necessarily register in it all the important conditions.

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