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How to remove a bumper from Nissan Almera classic


How to remove a bumper from Nissan Almera classic</a>

The device for absorbing the impact energy and protecting the car is the rear bumper.

On the car "Nissan Almera Classic" bumper installed in accordance with generally accepted standards, and they have a high level of durability.

To remove the bumper from this car, you do not need special tools, so you can do all the work yourself.

You will need

  • - flat screwdriver-
  • - Phillips screwdriver-
  • - Wrenches for 10 and 12.



Properly remove the bumper will help you know about itsStructure. The system of bumpers "Nissan Almera Classic" includes amplifiers, brackets, fasteners. In addition, they install lighting and alarm systems. There are also places for fog lamps and towing hooks.


First of all, disconnect the wire from the negativeTerminals of the battery, then remove the trunk lining. Unscrew bolts and nuts of fastening of a bumper from both parties, and then disconnect a socket of an antifog headlight колодку a plait of wires.


Then unscrew to the right and left one at a timeA bolt of fastening of protective guards to a bumper and bolts of fastening of a bumper to back wings. Next, remove the pins of the bumper bottom mounts and pull the pistons out of the body bracket hole.


Then proceed to remove the rear lights. Just like from the bottom of the bumper, remove the piston rods (left and right) from the top and remove the pistons from the holes in the body brackets. Unplug the wiring harness from the license plate lights, then, by grasping the barb of the plastic clip, remove it from the holder on the body. Turn off two nuts of fastening of an antifog lantern to a bumper and remove a lantern together with its fringing.


Now remove the screws securing the lampsLighting license plate (two screws on each side) and remove the lights. Use a screwdriver to pry the plastic holders and remove them. In the upper part of them there are 4 pieces. In case there are broken, replace them.


Also use a screwdriver to pry and removeTwo locks located to the right and left of the energy-absorbing elements of the bumper, and remove them. Turn off nuts of fastening of a bar of a bumper and remove a bar. After that, unscrew the bolt securing bolts (two on the left and two on the right) and remove the studs. When installing the rear bumper, reinstall all parts in the reverse order.

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