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How to renew license for weapons

How to renew the license for the weapon

If you decide to acquire a weapon, try to time to get a license for his carrying, storage and acquisition.

Due to the presence of weapons, you must remember that it is a big responsibility. So do not spare their time and complete a legal license for the weapon.

But remember that the license itself on the possession of weapons is only valid for five years, then it is due for renewal.

In order to renew the license for a weapon, you must follow some guidelines.



Prepare the necessary documents: original and photocopy of the passport certified by a notary, of the committee of the hospital, confirming that you have no contraindications for health reasons, and certificate of neuropsychiatric and drug treatment clinics that you are not registered.


Install metal safe for storage of weapons at home.


Fill out the application and special sampleattach the necessary documents, in addition to the receipt of payment of the fee for the license, and to provide licenses and permits department. Within ten days of your application will be considered. After that you will have to give notice of acceptance of your application and provide you with an official refusal to issue a permit to possess firearms.


Wait for the positive response and turn tests on the storage, use and carrying of weapons.


Provide weapons for inspection, if allOK, you get litsenziyu.Obraschaem your attention to the fact that Russian citizens over the age of eighteen, not convicted, may be authorized to possess weapons. Individuals with criminal records, will be denied a license. On weapons unaccounted for in the State Cadastre or military weapons, licenses are not issued.

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