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How to remove a link on a bracelet


How to remove a link on a bracelet</a>

The watch is an important subject in today's fleetingLife, full of events that succeed each other very quickly. Therefore, the purchase of watches is mandatory for many. Buying a watch, sometimes you can find that the bracelet on them does not quite fit in size.

If it is small, you do not buy this watch, but if it is too big, you do not need to refuse to buy yourself. You can ask to adjust the bracelet here or in the clock workshop.

But there is an opportunity to do it yourself.



One way is to remove the excess links of the bracelet. If the links of the bracelet are connected by pin type, you will need the following tools: an awl, holder, pliers and hammer. Secure the bracelet in the holder. Using an awl, pull out the connecting pin of the link of the bracelet. If the pin does not lend itself at once, gently help her with a hammer. Pull out the pin with pliers and remove the detached portion of the bracelet. After you have removed the required number of links, connect a gap using a safety pin.


In order to remove the links from the bracelet, inWhich they are connected in a sheet type, you will need the following tools: pliers or tweezers. Using tweezers, push aside the leaf connector of the link. Then pull it out using pliers. Disconnect the excess links and, inserting the connector into place, assemble the bracelet.


In order to remove the extra links on theBracelet, where they are connected by a deadlock type, you will need a calibration tool. Remove the connecting bars from the lock. Hold tightly with both hands the bracelet close to the lock you just unfastened, press the parts of the bracelet up and down and you will feel how the links separate. Continue gently pressing on the links, turning them to the side in order to finally detach the lock. After you loosen the fastening mechanism, pull the bracelet down to disassemble the links. Gently pull the detached links apart. Reassemble in reverse order.


All disassembly and assembly stepsPerform slowly, gently. This is a necessary rule so that after you try to adjust the length of the bracelet it does not have to be thrown away. The materials from which the bracelets are made, as a rule, are quite strong, but the connecting elements are very capricious, as when manufacturing the bracelets it is not supposed that they will be dismantled.

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