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How to Remove Windows 7 and put the Windows XP

Logo Windows XP.

Reinstalling Windows affects each user's PC.

Using the services of the master, you spend the extra money, which can be avoided, since the process of installing a new system is quite simple.

In order to reinstall the windows system youYou need: a disk or flash drive, the system downloaded from the Internet. After that you need to record your system for the media you choose to use. As for the drive, and to stick there are plenty of programs that will help burn the image windows. The most popular was the program UltraISO with which you can burn the disc and USB-drive.

What kind of system to choose XP, 7.8 - up to you, the main thing to suit the characteristics of your computer. Learn the characteristics of the properties can be the My Computer icon.

Record Windows XP on the drive

UltraISO opened the program you need to selectfrom the file system image of your hard drive, most of the expansion of umbilical cord supplied in .iso format. Now select "write the image to the hard disk" for recording an image on a USB flash drive, and the menu "burn a disk image" to write the image to disk. After a successful entry will take place, you can start to work with the following key stages of reinstalling windows system.
After completing pre-service training, do not forgetonto the information to other media, or you can lose it, as may be erased when you reinstall not only the C drive, which is usually format, but also the entire hard drive of your computer.

Work in bios menu comes down to what you needfind the key that brings up a menu of connected devices. Most often it is Esc, F12, F10. Also, these keys can be seen at the bottom of the screen when you boot your computer.

Immediately, the installation of Windows XP

In most cases, a pre-Windows 7 or demolishany other system with your computer is not necessary, since the installation program itself will help to cope with this issue. For this installation you will be asked to choose a method of installation: Surface or complete. You need to select "Full" under it will be a record "for advanced users". Once you have made the choice to format offers several basic disks, possibly among them are logical, you need to select the drive that previously included the windows system files.
After the drive is formatted usingthe installer prompts you can quite simply install windows. Once the system is set, you need to install the drivers and software.
Remember that certain programs haveproperties and may not be available for a number of reasons, so carefully read the specifications. Note the bit of your system it is possible to look or when installing the system, or in the properties of "My Computer."

DriversPack - is one of the top developers themselves giving the driver. DriversPack has paid and free versions.

Drivers desirable to install the ones youprovided with your computer, if not available, you can use DriversPack. DriversPack can deliver the necessary programs.

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