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How to remove whitewash from the walls

How to remove whitewash from the walls

Removing whitewash or paint glue from the walls - one of the main preparatory stages of repair of the room or apartment.

Cleaning the walls of whitewash is quite time-consuming and complicated process, especially if the wall surface is uneven.



In most cases, if a complete renovationyou do the first or second time in his life, the process of removing the whitewash will take much longer than the removal of old wallpaper. Before you begin the work, cover the floor with oilcloth or polyethylene, if these materials are not - several layers of newspaper. In this case, be careful - the newspaper can be melted and skip the dirt on the floor. The best option to protect the floor during the renovation - a corrugated cardboard.


As soon as the preparation for the cleaning of floor covering is finished, wet chalk warm water before you undertake its removal. Wet the entire area walls, and then a second time Wet the surface walls "pieces" of about 1 sq.m. The layers of whitewash remove with a spatula, then rinse thoroughly under the whitewash remaining thin layer of chalk. Chalk need to be removed from the top. Carry out work maklovitsej large centrifugal brush or foam sponge.


When you delete a whitewash can be firmly pressed to the wet sponge wallke and move it up and down. Part of the colorant will be absorbed by the sponge. It needs to be as often as possible to wash in a bucket of water (not in the sink and in the bathroom!). If the sponge will contain chalk, you will not be qualitatively and paste new wallpaper without bubbles. They will keep up wall when you change the temperature rezhima.V otherwise you will not be qualitatively wallpaper paste, because they will keep up wall: First slightly (in the corners at the top), and then the slightest change in temperature and humidity level in the room for wallah form bubbles. As a result of the uneven tension wallpaper could burst.


On cleansed of whitewash wallIt can be applied at reinforcing primer. For this operation will need a brush and roller. If the base walls strongly absorbs primer, it needs to be applied evenly to the surface walls multiple times.

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