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How to remove whitewash from the walls


How to remove whitewash from the walls</a>

Removing whitewash or glue paint from the walls is one of the main preparatory stages of repairing a room or apartment.

Cleaning the walls from whitewashing is a rather laborious and complex process, especially if the surface of the walls has unevenness.



In most cases, if the complete renovationIs done by you first or second time in life, the process of removing whitewash will take much longer than removing old wallpapers. Before you start the work, lay the floor with oilcloth or polyethylene, if there is no such material - several layers of newspapers. In this case, be careful - newspapers can get wet and let dirt through the floor. The best variant of floor protection during repair is a wide corrugated cardboard.


Once the preparation for cleaning the floor covering is finished, soak chalk with warm water before taking on removing it. Wet the whole area WallsS, and then a second time soak the surface WallsS "pieces" of about 1 sq.m. Remove the whitewash layers with a spatula, after which thoroughly wash off the thin layer of chalk remaining under the whitewash. Chalk must be removed from the top. Spend work with a maklovice, a large fly brush or a foam sponge.


When removing whitewash, squeeze the wet sponge as close as possible to WallsKe and move it up and down. Part of the colorant will be absorbed by the sponge. It should be washed as often as possible in a bucket of water (not in the sink and not in the bathroom!). If the sponge contains chalk, you can not paste new wallpaper well and without bubbles. They will lag behind Walls When changing the temperature regime. Otherwise, you can not qualitatively paste wallpaper, because they will lag behind Walls: At first it is insignificant (in the corners at the top), and then at the slightest change in the temperature regime and the humidity level in the room at WallsBubbles are formed. As a result of uneven stretching, the wallpaper may burst.


On cleansed from whitewash WallsYou can apply a strengthening primer. To perform this operation, you need a brush and a roller. If the base WallsIt strongly absorbs the primer, it must be evenly applied to the surface WallsS several times.

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