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How to remove the wrong loop

Removing the wrong loop

When performing many pictures it is necessaryremove one or the other loop, not provyazyvaya. What is removed and the loop position in which it is operating with a thread is usually indicated in the description.

The need to remove a few backstitches or facial loops can occur when performing shortened series, and the translation of the knitting needle on more.

You will need

  • - Yarn average tolschiny-
  • - Spokes thickness pryazhi-
  • - Additional spitsa-
  • - A safety pin.



In order to work out, tie patternstocking st. It is more convenient to the other because there is clearly expressed the right and wrong side. Tie a few rows and turn the job wrong side facing you. Remove an edge and enter the right needle from right to left into the next loop wrong. In this case, description of the drawing with the covers have loops, and therefore the working yarn can be in any position. Leave it to the other side of the work that is before you. Reset the loop on the right needle, without touching the string. The following loop knit purl.


Similarly reset several loopsalternating with purl. You will see that in front of those loops that you do not provyazyvali, formed short horizontal shtrishki of working yarn. Likewise, you can alternate between 2 or neprovyazannye knit loop.


Wrong loop can be removed and otherwise. Similarly, knit a few rows stocking st. Remove an edge and enter the right needle into the next loop, not only from right to left and left to right. Reset the loop, leaving the thread in front of him. Loops in this case looks a little different, but before removing the loops are formed exactly the same horizontal shtrishki.


Try to keep the thread on the other side of the work. Dovyazav to the desired number, remove the wrong loop from left to right or right to left and see what you got. Here are purl loops and no horizontal lines. They are now on the front side.


The ability to shoot purl loops is very important forperforming dual gum. Dial number of loops usual manner, two times greater than the length necessary for the product. For the sample, you can dial any number of loops. But keep in mind that the pattern will turn 2 times shorter than the first row.


Knit the first row of ordinary rubber band 1x1. Turn the work, remove an edge loop. Face facial loop knit and purl remove neprovyazannymi. At the same time the working thread should be removed before the loop. In the same way, and knit the rest of the series. Knitting a two-layer, and the working thread is formed inside the "pocket".


When knitting shortened rows shootneprovyazannymi often falls purl loops. Dovyazhite product or sample to the desired height. Turn the work, remove an edge loop and 2-3 backstitches. If purl loops are on the wrong side of the product, the thread must remain before work.

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