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How to remove windshield wipers


How to remove windshield wipers</a>

The mechanism of clearing glasses during the movement in conditions of precipitation, is designed to provide the driver with good visibility of the traffic situation.

And since the windscreen wiper is a mechanical device, sometimes situations arise that require maintenance work, in order to increase the life of the wiper or repair it.

You will need

  • The spanner is 10 mm,
  • A 22 mm wrench.



For comfortable prevention, the wiperIt is best to remove it completely. Moreover, such actions do not take much time from the car owner. These mechanisms are designed using brushes, levers, a reducer and an electric motor. All of the above and must be dismantled.


Before starting work, it is necessary to raise the hood, and then remove the brush using a 10 mm wrench together with the brush holders.


Then you need to unscrew the nuts with a 22 mm spanner,Intended for fastening reducers of brush holders. But you will not be able to extract them yet. Because it is necessary to release the motor from the fastening by using a 10 mm key.

How to remove windshield wipers


Disconnecting the electrical connector from the wiper mechanism, the device is completely, together with the levers, pulled out from under the windshield frame.

How to remove windshield wipers

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