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How to remove the wipers

Removing the wiper

The mechanism of cleaning windows while driving in the conditions of precipitation, is designed to provide the driver a clear view of the traffic situation.

And as the wiper is a mechanical device, that sometimes there are situations that require maintenance work, in order to increase the period of its operation or repair.

You will need

  • Wrench 10 mm
  • wrench on 22 mm.



For comfortable prevention wiperit is best to remove from the machine completely. Especially that such actions do not take a lot of time in the car owner. These mechanisms are constructed using brushes, levers, gear and motor. All of the above and will be dismantled.


Before starting the work necessary to lift the hood and then remove with a key 10 mm brush with the brush holder.


Then it is necessary to loosen the key to the 22 mm nutfor securing the brush holder gear. But to remove them until you get. Because it is necessary to still using a 10 mm wrench to release from the motor mount.

Removing the wiper


Unplug the electrical connector from the wiper mechanism, the device completely, together with the arms, pulled from beneath the frame of the windscreen.

Removing the wiper

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