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How to remove the wiper blade

Removing the wiper blade

The result of prolonged use of the car VAZ 2106 in a few years become, among other things, brush wear of the windscreen wiper.

Sand, oil and other contaminants on the surface of the pavement inexorably doing their job during precipitation.



Rises from the road wheels of vehicles, theydeposited on the windshield of oncoming traffic, and because it is a brush designed to remove them, the quality of the brush is broken, and they are no longer cope with its mission.


Therefore, sooner or later, but there comes a time car owners replace the wiper blades.


To achieve this goal it is necessary to do the following:

- To raise the brush holders with brushes,

- An effort to bring the hands to the stopper groove brush holder brush tip,

- Then remove the brush itself.

Removing the wiper blade


In that case, if the metal part of the brush is not the owner of the complaints, it suffices to replace the elastic, rubber insert. As a result, the wiper functions are restored.

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