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How to remove the windshield


How to remove the windshield</a>

During the repair of the road surface, there is a mass of stones on the road surface.

Lifted by the wheels of other road users into the air, they often fall into the glass of oncoming or passing cars.

You will need

  • Screwdriver,
  • Vacuum devices for raising glass - 2 pcs.



If the chips and cracks are insignificant, then they can beSeal with special compounds to restore the integrity of the glass. But in those cases when the windshield is not subject to recovery, it will have to be removed and put a new one.


To dismantle the windshield from the car body VAZ classic line (VAZ 2101-07) is better together, but you can do this job yourself.


Before starting the removal of the windshield, do not be too lazy and remove the brush holders together with the brushes.


Then, on the outside, at the bottom of the windshield rubber seal, locate the coupler and remove it with a screwdriver.

How to remove the windshield


Use a screwdriver to pry an elastic lock in the form of a triangular strip made of polymer material located in the center of the seal and remove it from the rubber seal of the windshield


Glass using special vacuum devices is carefully removed from the window opening, and then the rubber band is removed.

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