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How to remove the windshield

How to remove the windshield

During the refurbishment of the pavement on the road surface is a mass of stones.

Raises the wheels of other road users in the air, they often fall into the glass counter or trucks.

You will need

  • Screwdriver,
  • Vacuum lifting devices for glass - 2 pcs.



If small chips and cracks, they can beclose up special structures to restore the integrity of the glass. But in cases where the windshield is not reversed, it will have to remove and reinstall a new one.


Dismantle the windshield to the body of the car VAZ classic lineup (2101-07 WHA) better together, but it is possible to perform such work on their own.


Before you start removing the windscreen do not be lazy and remove the brush holders with brushes.


Then find out, at the bottom of the windscreen seal gum joint bracket and take it with a screwdriver.

How to remove the windshield


Use a screwdriver to pry the lock in the form of flexible triangular strip made of a polymeric material which is in the center of the seal, and remove it from the rubber seal windscreen


Glass using special vacuum devices carefully removed from the window opening, and then removed and the seal gum.

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