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How to remove the washer nozzles


How to remove the washer nozzles</a>

The safety of the driver and passengers of the car largely depends on the quality of the road lighting and on the good overview.

This will be impossible if there is dirt on the windshield or headlights. To remove it while driving, the washers are designed for windows and headlights.

Nozzles of such washers are not noticeable.

In winter, instead of water, a special liquid is sprayed from them, which does not turn into ice in the frost.

During the operation of the nozzles, they must be cleaned and periodically removed.



In order to remove the nozzles of washersA windshield, open a cowl and look, whether there is on it a noise isolation. If so, notice whether you need to remove it completely, or you can bend the part to get close to the nozzles. Disconnect the hoses that lead to the liquid.


Once you have access, tryBlow them or puncture a thin needle to clear them of accumulated dirt. If the removal is inevitable, then gently push the nozzle from the back side, and it will calmly and easily come out. Alternatively, pick it from the outside with a thin screwdriver and remove it.

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Removing the headlight washer nozzles is often necessaryFor the installation of the electric drive. Disconnect the negative wire from the battery terminal and remove the front bumper of the car, then carefully unclip the injector cover. Disconnect the headlight washer hose from the injector drive and remove the cover from it.


Installation of injectors is performed in reverseOrder. Carefully look at the design of your nozzles and the grooves, and which they must enter the car body. Adjust them to the left - to the right. In some cases, the height adjustment is necessary, for this purpose it is advisable to place the sealant of the desired thickness under the rear part.

How to remove the nozzles & lt-b & gt-washer & lt- / b & gt-

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